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Unclogging the sewage pipe with bitumen

Unclogging the sewage pipe with bitumen

What should be done to remove the blockage of the sewage pipe with bitumen? What is the bitumen solvent in the pipe? Is it possible to destroy the bitumen poured in the well with oil or gasoline? In the following, one of the best and most experienced pipe opening companies in Richmond Hill will give you the answers to these questions.

Sewer pipe blockage with bitumen, don’t get me wrong, solvent is not the solution!

Pipe clogging with bitumen occurs when the house is under renovation or construction. In such cases, they usually seal the floor of the toilet, kitchen or other places with isogam bitumen or sack bitumen. This issue causes many problems in the long or short term.

When sealing with bitumen, it is possible that due to negligence or by necessity, some of the melted bitumen will spill into the toilet pipe or other bathroom and kitchen pipe.

After this happens, the bitumen collects inside the pipe siphon or the camel’s throat and hardens after a few hours or days. As the bitumen hardens, over time, the outgoing sewage will stick to it and cause heavy deposits in the pipe, and finally the result will be the blockage of the pipe.

If you are facing such a serious problem, you will definitely think of bitumen solvent in the pipe. With a simple search on Google, you will come to the conclusion that you can use some oil or gasoline or, if you don’t have these two solvents, thinner to remove the bitumen in the sewer pipe.

After pouring the solvent, you must stir the bottom of the siphon with a skewer or rod until the bitumen dissolves and remove it by pouring boiling water. But with this hard work, you are wrong because you will face a bigger problem and that is the leakage of sewer pipes.

Risk of leakage, be careful when using bitumen solvent in the pipe!

As it was said and you also know, the solvent of bitumen in the toilet, bathroom or kitchen pipe is oil and gasoline. But because the sewer pipes are sealed with special adhesives and their solvent can be oil and gasoline, after this we can conclude that:

By pouring oil and gasoline in the sewer pipe, you will destroy and dissolve the sealing glue of the sewer pipe connections, and this will cause your building to leak water. This problem requires excavation and demolition, and you also need to repair the damaged sewer pipes, which is much more expensive than unclogging the pipe with bitumen.

How to remove tar inside the sewer pipe without solvent?

This is very simple, today there are many devices for removing bitumen and unclogging pipes with cement. One of the best devices used for most clogs is the electric spring.

There are different types of spring and it is used for many blockages such as pipe blockage with bitumen. To open a pipe that is blocked with bitumen, just request the dispatch of a pipe opener so that NUTech Plumbing Company will send the most experienced pipe openers to your place. Our plumbers specialize in plumbing in Richmond Hill.

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