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Finding experienced and committed plumbers is an important and fundamental concern for all of us when we need it, and we do our best to select the best people to do the building plumbing in Toronto.

Due to these concerns and worries, Nutech plumbing INC. has tried to gather skilled and reliable experts to fulfill your request, to be sent to your chosen place and to perform the service you want in the shortest possible time and with the desired quality.

Also, the various costs of plumbing in Nutech are quite economical and have been calculated taking into account the tariff rate of the building installation union.

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Our team is on-call to hear your voice and solve your issues. Our plumbers are fully licensed and insured. What are you waiting for?

What do Nutech plumbing services include?

Nutech offers different plumbing services, and we want to take a look at a few of them:

Water and sewage piping

One of the most important parts of a building is its water and sewage piping. Due to the importance of this part, if it is not done properly, it will cause damage and reduce the life of pipes, and with proper implementation, pipe wear will be prevented.

Hot and cold water piping: Surface and built-in

Each pipe is divided into hot and cold water outlets, which we generally understand the difference between the two when bathing. These pipes are embedded in (the hidden sense) and superficial in (the used sense).

Boiler(Radiator) piping: Surface and built-in

The boiler is one of the devices that exists as a heating system in most homes and is used as a built-in and surface both for this device and for the package, but the point that should be mentioned is that it usually has problems at the end of the pipes.

Sewage piping: surface and built-in

There are several reasons why we should consult a building plumber for sewage piping, but one of the most important is that the selection of these pipes is very important and should be selected and used in a principled manner.

Tube burst repair: Surface and built-in

A burst pipe is one of the cases that requires time and perhaps a lot of budget to repair, and this also relates to the place where the pipe burst. In the first step, detecting a burst pipe is one of the factors that requires a skilled plumber, and in the next step, depending on where the pipe is and what raw materials it needs, its cost is estimated.

Gas piping

Gas piping includes pipes that help you to distribute city gas in different parts of your home and selectively for some places and remove for some places, of course, it should be noted in this case all the installations of this tube models are licensed. The price of this piping model depends on the area of the piping, the required branches and the floors of a building. Wrench services in this section are divided into two parts: gas piping and gas leak repair.

  • Gas piping: Surface and built-in
  • Gas leak repair

Installing a wash basin

Installing a toilet is not a difficult task in general, but considering that an expert always delivers the work well, we can help you in installing a cabinet toilet, installing a stone toilet and installing a base toilet by paying a small fee. The installation of the toilet and its other items and accessories is done by Nutech and includes the following items:

  • Installing toilets, valves and siphons
  • Complete installation of toilets and decorations
  • Separate installation of mirrors, towel racks and decorations

Toilet installation and service

Installing and servicing a toilet may seem like an easy task, but to install a toilet, we need to do a lot of things right, such as the required dimensions. One of the things that should be considered is toilet training. We also need to pay attention to the plumbing in the building to install it.

Toilet repair

The toilet consists of two parts, the tank and the bowl, the bowl part is connected to the ground and usually does not need to be repaired.

The tank part usually has a high level of failure because there are two important parts as well as the toilet flash in the tank part and there may be a damaged vessel or leak in this part. The most appropriate option to solve this problem is to use a skilled plumber.

Flush tank

Flash tank is one of the parts that has the highest rate of toilet failure. Because after the floating breakdown of this place, with the breakdown of the button or equipment related to the flash tank, a high percentage of the breakdown is included and we need a skilled repairman to repair it. Nutech provides the following services for toilet flush tanks by skilled professionals:

  • Installing the flash tank
  • Replacement, repair and adjustment of water drain

Pump and water source

The toilet pump and water source are other important parts that, if damaged, will cause the toilet to be completely unused. You can solve the following by using a skilled and trained specialist in building plumbing.

  • Pump and source repair
  • Installing the pump and source

Pipe opening and drainage

In these cases, when building a building and to create a drain floor in the parking lot, a drain floor in the bathroom and a drain floor in the kitchen, we must use a specialist who has determined the correct location, and also plumber have to use the right tools to diagnose clogging, breakdown and … during the repair to fix the problem.

Dishwasher or sink

Dishwashers and sinks are utensils that are used regularly. As a result, they are very important for installing, repairing and opening the pipe, and a skilled plumber must be used for all cases.