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Sink Issues

Sink Issues: S.O.S

Being in contact with drains of every sort every day makes us familiar with a feeling most uncomfortable than many others: the frustration of having a drain clogged. But don’t fret! If you are struggling with a clogged sink, we have got you covered. So, keep on reading this article on how to fix your sink.

Salt and vinegar

First of all, you must keep in mind these two very helpful ingredients: salt and vinegar (one cup from each). Once mixed and brought to an even, smooth texture, these two ingredients have the power to cut through the debris stuck in your sink that is causing you draining problems. If this combination isn’t strong enough for you, simply add lemon juice (half a cup). Such mixtures need cleansing after usage, which means that you have to clean the sink with boiling water afterwards.

Hot Water

Obviously, one of the first things that comes to mind when dealing with problems of drainage is the image of the plunger. So, grab one! Fill the sink with hot water beforehand and once the plunger is in place, plunge the drain in quick motion.

Baking soda

You remember the magical ingredient that we discussed, vinegar. Now add to it the element of baking soda and you’re good to go! First pour the baking soda inside the drain and then wash it with vinegar. Don’t forget that when you are working with such ingredients, or in cases when you are to be in contact with chemicals, you would need gloves. Skin is quite sensitive to chemical substances and so are your lungs. So, please take action in highly ventilated areas. Open windows if you can, turn on the fans and make sure you can breathe fresh air whilst you are unclogging with a protected skin.

If you contact the Nutech plumbing services before trying anything on your own, they will definitely ask you questions regarding the severity of the situation. Sometimes a basic treatment like the ones aforementioned might work and sometimes they might not. So, don’t forget to examine the situation carefully in order to be able to answer such inquiries when you make the call. We hope the sink situation can be handled on your own but don’t forget to contact plumbing in Toronto services when the situation is out of hands. Sometimes, the wrong action can worsen the situation than when you sit in a corner and take no action. So please, don’t forget to make the right decision of choosing help when you need to.

Frozen Pipes

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Seasonal weather changes can affect the plumbing in your home. Depending on where you live, as the weather gets cold, you may have to deal with the issue of frozen pipes. This issue is not a problem exclusive to cold climates! In fact, if you live in Toronto, for example, and your pipes freeze too often, you should probably contact a service for plumbing in Toronto because there might be something wrong with your plumbing. It is interesting to know that most often frozen pipes turn into big problems in areas where the weather is usually not very cold. A drastic dropping of the temperature makes the chances of having to deal with this problem pretty high. If you are expecting such weather changes where you live, it might be a good idea for you to prepare your pipes. There are three areas that you need to pay attention to: inside your home, outside, and the areas which are easy to forget about like the garage or the attic.

Warm Home

Keep your home warm. Especially if you are going to leave, it would be a bad idea to turn off the heat completely. Also, keep the cabinet doors open. The pipes are usually located in cabinets and the circulation of the warm weather around them will prevent freezing. It might also help if you allow the faucets to drip a bit. If the water in pipes is not moving at all, chances are that it will freeze in cold weather. Allowing the faucets to drip will let the water move around a bit and will prevent the bursting of the pipes by reducing pressure.


As for the outside area of your home, the yard for example, it would be best if you turn off the water supply and let the taps drain completely. Extra insulation would be a good idea if you have exposed external pipework. You can use wool pipe insulation or pipe wrap insulation tape for example. Also, make sure that you know how to shut off the master water valve. If any of your pipes freeze or burst you need to shut off the water supply until the issue is fixed. Make sure that you don’t leave any doors or windows open in your garage or attic. Especially if there are water supply lines in your garage, that can turn into a big problem. Extra insulation is also a good idea in these areas which Nutech Plumbing is here to do.

Traits of a good plumber

Traits of a Good Plumber

When it comes to hiring a service intended for inside our houses, looking for the right person becomes twice as hard as when we are choosing a car technician, for instance. Not only are we seeking an expert person at the job, we are also in the need of a person whom we can trust inside our houses. Therefore, knowing what to look for in a plumber becomes super important especially since the right person once found, is trustworthy enough to be asked to revisit as often as we need without us going over the qualifications of technician after technician. This article explores the areas of expertise needed for a good plumber, the communication skills required and ways to identify all such matters for you to hire the perfect person for the job so do not skip it!


Professionalism is not necessarily related to years of experience. One might be quite expert at a job at their first try while another might be the complete opposite failing to be a professional despite all the years stated in their resume. A professional is someone who is able to diagnose problems fast, one who can not only identify the problem but also take necessary and immediate action after recognition. The likelihood of encountering such person is higher when one contacts the institutions that provide such services. So, pick up your phone and look up the numbers that connect you with the right services. If you are a current citizen of Toronto for example, look in the internet for plumbing in Toronto options and phone numbers.


A proper plumber is not only efficient and qualified, but also punctual and hard-working. When you are figuring out which plumber is most suitable among the ones who are professionals at the job, always go with the person who has better communication skills and is more likely to show up at the time arranged beforehand. One very important factor other than handiness and morality is definitely being on-time. Your time is precious. You cannot wait long hours not knowing when exactly to expect your service every time your plumber is about to come and help with your plumbing needs!

-Good Quality Equipment

If your plumber is a person who uses cheap material when fixing plumbing problems, do not hesitate for even a second to switch to another person. No matter how little money you pay this person, and how expensive other services are, the entire plumbing system in your house is worth the money. Do not risk the health of your plumbing system for the sake of an easier time on your pocket. In the long run, such behavior is much more harmful and expensive when the time of repair comes again. Always choose the plumber who utilizes the best quality material because the probability of needing that service again later and the frequency of it becomes lower and lower when the quality of the material utilized is raised.

We hope you have found this article helpful. Next time you are trying to hire services for plumbing in Toronto, do not forget to consult this article and compare the options you have with the list aforementioned.

PVC pipes

PEX vs. PVC for Pipework Systems

If you are wondering about the kind of pipes that you should be using for your household plumbing system you have probably come across these two abbreviations: PEX and PVC. These two refer to two kinds of plastic plumbing pipes. You should keep reading this article if you need help for choosing between the two!


PEX is more flexible compared to PVC, and therefore, it does not burst very easily. If you live in an area where the weather can suddenly become very cold, PEX is a better option for you. Plumbing in Toronto for example, can become quite tricky if you are using regular PVC pipes because they are not as flexible. Of course, this does not mean that PEX is immune to bursting; in cold climates, the most important thing is to have a good insulation system for the pipes. Without such system, sooner or later, you will have to deal with the problem of shattered pipes. The flexibility of PEX also allows the pipes to bend more easily without breaking, which makes their installation easier compared to PVC. It also means that if a PEX pipe goes out of shape for some reason, it can go back to its right shape easily with the use of heat.

Health Effects

In the past, there has been debate over whether PEX has any negative health effects on the drinking water. You should not really worry about this because it has since been proved that the chemicals in PEX do not leak into water. If anything, PEX is usually considered as the healthier option by many of the professionals. However, you should note that PVC is the eco-friendlier option because it is recyclable. You should also note that PEX cannot be exposed to sunlight.


PEX is generally more expensive compared to PVC. However, it does have a longer lifetime and also it is easier to install. An interesting point about PEX is that it can be merged with the preexisting piping system, whether that be PVC or even metal piping system. Generally, the safest the option is always the one that a professional plumber approves of. You should definitely consult our plumbers at NUTech Plumbing before making any big decisions about your plumbing system.  

A Little About Plumbing

A little about plumbing

I don’t know about you but as a person who doesn’t have the tiniest knack for repairing things, or any sense of handiness whatsoever, I tend to question sometimes whether the plumbing problems I witness from time to time are minor, or major ones.

Often when encountered with an unfamiliar issue, the easiest way out is to consider hiring someone expert at the job. However, the first step is to determine whether or not you actually need professional help. Sometimes the problem is so minor that a friend with the slightest sense of handiness can help without the need of you wasting your time, energy, and resources to find and hire a decent plumber.

In this article we provide a few common signs that our plumbing system is giving us in order to comprehend when the sign turns into warning and when everything is absolutely easy to be dealt with. So, if you also tend to frequently question your plumbing needs, look no further and keep on reading!

Most Common Problem

One of the most common problems that occur around the house is the problem with drainage. Doing many things over the sink, or in the shower, there is a high chance of heavier things like hair, or dirt to get stuck in the way, causing the draining process to slow down or stop at worst. More often than not, this issue can be solved very easily through the employment of drain cleaners.

However, once all of the drains in your house start harmoniously singing to a slow rhythm or stop draining together all at the same time, probably there is a problem with the sewer line making it the proper time for you to consider hiring a professional technician. And please be quick! Plumbing in Toronto might cause such problems from time to time, similar to all other locations. So, if you are currently living in Toronto, this is the perfect opportunity for you to contact the NUTech Plumbing professionals for their expertise and highest quality services covering all your plumbing needs.

Always remember that the key to all of this is to ask yourself: “Is this problem happening in one area (i.e. shower, sink etc.), or is something going on in the entire house?” when the answer is the latter it always means you should contact professionals. In the case of Plumbing in Toronto, one typical issue that the technicians deal with on a daily basis is the problem of weakened flow of water in all areas of the house.

Next time you are doubting whether to hire a professional or to solve the problem on your own, ask yourself the aforementioned question of generality. If you were unsure of the answer, or hesitant for whatever reason, be sure to call your plumber and ask if your issue can be dealt with at home or if you need a more expert aid.