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What points must be known when installing a toilet?-Part 2

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What points must be known when installing a toilet?-Part 2

Last week, in the previous part of this article, we talked about installing a toilet. We also reviewed some of its important points together. Today we want to go over the other remaining points together.

Tools needed to install a toilet

After determining the exact location of the toilet, the installation process can be started using the following tools:

  • Level bubble
  • Jelly deodorant
  • Aquarium glue
  • French wrench and screwdriver
  • Meter
  • Toilet

Toilet installation steps

  • The first step to install a toilet is to put a gel odorizer in the opening of the sewer pipe. By installing a gel deodorizer, the leakage of water and sewage from the toilet bowl will be reduced. Odors or wax rings are available in the market in both screw and non-screw types, the screw type is more expensive and has higher quality and prevents the toilet bowl from moving from place to place.
  • To place the toilet bowl on the smoker, the floor must be completely level. After leveling the bottom of the toilet bowl, place it on the wax ring or the stopper and apply a little pressure until it is completely fixed in place. Finally, tighten the screws and washers completely.
  • Then connect the tank to the water tank with a special hose.
  • In the last step, it is necessary to seal all parts of the toilet with aquarium glue.

Adjusting the toilet siphon

To adjust the toilet siphon, it is necessary to place the floater in the right place and the water inlet flow must be adjusted correctly. In general, the process of adjusting the toilet siphon is as follows:

  • To prevent water from continuously leaking out of the tank, the siphon must first be properly sealed.
  • Adjust the intensity of the water entering the tank according to the type of floater or floater.
  • Place the float or floater in a place where it does not collide with other components and parts around. Jamming the floater with other parts prevents it from draining and draining at the right time.
  • Adjust the drain pump and put it in the right place.
  • Adjust the bolts and chains in place for proper discharge.
  • Put the two-stroke valve in the closed position.
  • Put the water nozzle hose inside the nozzle tube.
  • Connect the inlet of the toilet bowl to its outlet.

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Important points in toilet installation

In addition to the above, which are the main and necessary parts of the toilet installation process, it is necessary to pay attention to some important points, which are:

  • Try to install flush tanks with suitable capacity for toilets. Flush tanks with high capacity cause a lot of water wastage. Flush tanks with a capacity of 3 to 6 liters save up to 82% of water consumption due to their small volume.
  • The angle of the ventilation pipe from the connection point to the sewer pipe should be 45 degrees. Otherwise, the air clearing will not be done properly and will cause unpleasant smell to return to the bathroom. In addition, the vent should extend at least 15 cm above the edge of the toilet overflow.
  • Pay attention to the distance of the toilet from the adjacent, back and front walls and calculate these sizes based on the established standards.
  • In the stage of sealing the toilet, it is possible to screw its body to the ground. But with the use of aquarium glue, sealing is done better and it prevents sewage from leaking out better.

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