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What methods are used for plumbing and removing the clogged pipe?

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Plumbing Methods

Before opening the pipe and removing the blockage, it is necessary to determine the method used for the opening pipe according to the location and type of blockage. In the following, we will discuss the methods used for opening the pipe.

The first method of opening the pipe; Use of electric opening tube spring

Opener tube spring is the most effective method for opener tube which is used to open hard clogs of the tube. The opening tube spring consists of a motor and a spring. The spring tube opening motor is a drill-shaped device to which a spring is attached. The opening tube spring is also a spring that fits the tube, which must have the necessary flexibility to be able to bend inside the curvature of the tube.

The second method of opening the pipe; Air compression opening tube

The opening tube is used in the air compression method when soil and excess material are accumulated in the tube. How to use this device is that by flipping, the air inside the opening tube device is compressed and the amount of pressure inside the opening tube device is indicated by a hand. The air that is compressed inside the opening tube enters the tube and forces the clogs inside the tube to move.

The third method of opening the pipe; Pipe opener with hand pump

The manual opening pipe is a device for opening superficial and weak clogs in the building’s sewer pipe. This device includes a pump and a handle. The hand pump has a semicircular plastic piece (pump) and a handle.

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