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What is the cause of slow suction in the sewer pipe?-part 2

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What is the cause of slow suction in the sewer pipe?

If you remember, last week we talked about slow suction in sewer pipes. Today we want to provide you with more information about this topic.

Slow sewage suction in the sink, bathroom sink and toilet siphon

Regarding the dishwasher sink, materials such as leftover food and rice, tea residue, bread, fruit skin, oil and fat, bones, etc. cause clogging in the dishwasher sink and get trapped in the dishwasher siphon. After that, a part of the water passage is blocked, which reduces the flow of water entering the pipe.

In the case of the bathroom well, it can be mentioned that soap, hair, razor, paper towels, sanitary napkins, etc., enter into the well, the large size of which causes clogging. The well in the yard also becomes clogged or slows down the speed of sewage suction due to the entry of stones, bricks, soil, tree leaves, wood, etc.

But in the case of clogging of the toilet, the only cause of clogging is the waste left in the siphon, which is left in the siphon after not pouring water. When these wastes increase, they cause the pipe to become clogged and you will see the slowness of sewage suction.

If these clogs are not fixed in the first observation, the passage of water inside the pipe will be more blocked and the entry of water into the pipe will be slower, so that eventually you will see a complete blockage of the sewer pipe. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the problem of the pipe in the first observations and open it.

Prevention of sewer pipe clogging

It is better to think about prevention than treatment, before you think about opening the pipes, and even before the blockages in the pipes! In this case, the clogging factors in the pipe should be prevented before the clogging occurs. There are factors that cause clogging of sewer pipes, and if they are observed, the pipes will no longer get clogged. For this, you can read the tips to prevent sewer pipe clogging. In general, the main cause of clogging of sewer pipes is the entry of garbage and large objects into the pipe, they cause clogging in siphons.

There are two ways to remove a clogged pipe, one is to use home pipe unclogging methods and the second method is to use professional methods that should be done by pipe unclogging companies. If you want to unclog the pipe yourself and don’t spend money on it, you can study the methods of unclogging the pipe at home and then get started. If the pipe blockage is not severe, you can definitely solve the problem yourself and get help from home methods.

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