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What is a five-layer pipe and what are its uses in plumbing?

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What is a five-layer pipe and what are its uses in plumbing?

The five-layer pipe is one of the types of pipes that are widely used today. Not only for building water piping, but wherever piping is needed to transfer fluids, the quality and material of the pipes become very important. This issue is important because the impact of environmental factors and maintaining the health of the fluid in the pipes is very significant.

One of these types of pipes is five-layer pipes. In this article from the NUTech Plumbing website, we are going to introduce these types of pipes to you. Stay with us until the end.

What is a five-layer pipe?

As the name suggests, the five-layer pipe is made of a combination of 5 different layers. This type of pipe has several advantages that make the water or fluid that can be transported in it maintain its quality. These pipes include three different types. Each of these 5 layers is made of different materials. But in general, metal and all kinds of polymers are the constituents of the 5-layer pipe layers.

What are the types of five-layer pipes?

There are three different types of 5-layer pipes which are being used in the field of plumbing in Toronto. In each of these types of pipes, different combinations of polymers and metal are used in different ways. Three types of five-layer pipes include PE, PERT and PEX pipes. In the following, we will examine these pipes.

What is five-layer PERT tube?

Polyethylenes are among the polymers used in these pipes. Of course, these types of polymers are also used in other types of 5-layer pipes. But the special feature of PERT pipes is its high resistance to water pressure. The temperature of the fluid in these pipes can rise up to 70 degrees Celsius. For this reason, experts recommend this type of pipe to be used as a building’s hot water piping.

What is 5-layer PE pipe?

Perhaps the best-selling type of 5-layer pipes can be considered PE type. This type of pipe also has a more reasonable price than the other two types. Of course, we must mention that PE pipes are less resistant to water pressure than PERT type. This type of pipe is best used for cold water piping.

What is five-layer PEX pipe?

Another type of 5-layer pipe is PEX pipe. These pipes have a very high resistance to pressure and heat. So that they can withstand liquids up to 95 degrees Celsius. These pipes are suitable not only for building hot water piping, but also for heating piping or underfloor heating.

What is the use of five-layer pipe?

High resistance to pressure and heat, as well as the ability to maintain fluid characteristics, have made five-layer pipes very popular these days. The characteristics of this pipe have caused various applications to be defined for it, among which we can mention the following.

  • Use as building’s internal plumbing to maintain water quality and prevent sedimentation and rusting inside the pipes
  • Piping pipes related to sewage and heating due to high resistance to pressure and high temperature of the fluid
  • Used as floor heating system pipes again due to high strength against high temperature and high water pressure
  • Some types of five-layer pipes are also very resistant to corrosion. For this reason, they are also known as a good option for transporting chemical fluids in industries.
  • The impossibility of being influenced by environmental factors, the fact that these pipes are non-precipitable and hygienic have made them suitable for medical use.

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