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What is a bidet toilet and what is its use?

Automatic Bidet

In last week’s article, we explained in detail about the bidet toilet. Today we want to continue this fascinating discussion with each other.

If you look at the bidet toilets, you will notice that inside the back of the toilet bowl, there is a small tube with small holes at the top. The pipe is connected to other equipment, all of which are called bidet toilets. When a person uses the toilet, he can open the bidet valve for rinsing the anus or activate the bidet so that the water is forced out of the tube in the toilet bowl and rinses the anus.

What are bidet toilets?

Bidet toilets are actually regular toilets that have been added to the automatic wash feature. That is, by installing a bidet and a set of related parts, the toilet is equipped with an automatic wash. Hence, some bidet toilets are also called Self-passion toilets.

Types of bidets

Toilet bidet is produced in two types, mechanical and digital. A mechanical bidet is a simple type of bidet that has only a water spray pipe that is connected to the water pipe by a water hose. When the person needs to wash, he / she opens the bidet valve to do the pressure. But the digital version does it automatically. In the digital bidet, washing is done automatically and it is not necessary to open and close the faucet. This type of bidet also has the ability to change the angle of water spray and change the water pressure.

Automatic washing

It is interesting to know that some models of bidet toilets have an automatic dryer in addition to automatic washing. In this way, after the person uses the toilet and the washing operation is completed by the bidet, hot air is blown from the toilet bowl into the person’s anus so that the water dries quickly.

Benefits of bidet toilet

As we said, the bidet toilet was produced because there were restrictions on washing the body in the toilet. So it can be said that bidet has at least one advantage which is the ease of washing the body. But in fact, the bidet has more benefits than the ones mentioned below.

  • Ease of washing the body
  • Do not use hands for washing
  • Saving Water
  • Prevention of infectious diseases
  • Ease of washing for the elderly and children

Note that if your toilet does not have a bidet, you can buy a simple or automatic bidet and install it on your toilet. The good thing about the bidet is that it can be installed and used on most toilet models.

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