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What causes toilet water to rise?

Early in the morning, you open the toilet door and see that water has risen from the toilet well and the sewage has accumulated in the toilet bowl and it seems that the toilet well has been taken or that the sewage well has been filled. Whatever it is, it will fill the toilet with the smell of sewage and will enter the building. What do you do in these situations? What can you do ?!

Rising of toilet and Iranian sewage

You need to think of a solution to get rid of the bad smell of toilet waste and solve the problem of clogging and overflowing the toilet water. Because otherwise it will not be possible to use the toilet and toilet. In the following, we want to explain the reason for the rising toilet water and introduce you to the problem-solving methods. Stay with us.

This problem has arisen for many people who open the door of the toilet and toilet first thing in the morning or at other times, and as soon as they enter, they encounter the bad smell of sewage in the toilet and notice with a little care that the toilet bowl is full of sewage. This makes the service space full of the bad smell of toilet waste and makes it difficult to breathe. The sewage well seems to be full, but it is necessary to be more careful in this case because various factors cause the sewage to rise from the toilet well, one of which is the filling of the sewage well. In the following, we will clarify the issue for you.

Why does sewage rise from the toilet?

There are various causes for sewage to rise from the toilet, each of which can be caused by sewage coming out of the toilet. It does not matter if it is a Western toilet or an Iranian toilet, because both toilets have this problem and the sewage has risen from them. For example, it has been observed that sewage also rises from the toilet and collects inside the toilet bowl. Therefore, it can not be said that the problem is specific to a particular type of toilet. But there are the following about the causes of sewage coming out of the toilet.

  • Clogged sewer pipe leading to the toilet
  • Obstruction of toilet and toilet sewer pipes
  • Clogged toilet siphon (toilet well)
  • Filling the building’s sewage well
  • Clogged sewer pipe leading to the sewage collection network
  • Blockage of the sewer pipe of the building toilet

Each of these cases can be the cause of flushing the toilet, each of these problems has its own methods that will be mentioned below.

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