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Today we want to continue this article which is a useful one in plumbing in Toronto.

Clogged toilet siphon is the main cause of sewage leakage

In most cases, the problem of water rising from the toilet and the Iranian toilet is due to clogging of the toilet siphon. Some people are not used to pulling a siphon (flash tank) after using the toilet (whether French or Iranian). They are not even willing to pour a sun of water. This causes the waste to remain inside the toilet siphon after each use. If this operation is repeated several times, it will eventually lead to clogging of the toilet siphon.

In this way, the waste left in the siphon is compacted and the adhesive property is created in them so that it is no longer possible to remove it so easily. This is the most common problem with clogged toilets and water collecting in the toilet bowl.

Remove clogged toilet siphon with water and spring tube opener

In these cases, if the blockage is not severe, the problem can be solved by filling the toilet bowl with water (preferably hot) and leaving it for a few minutes. The water pressure inside the toilet bowl, in addition to softening the waste, also relieves clogging.

However, if the blockage is severe or the object is caused by objects falling into the toilet, it is necessary to use a special spring device or a generator for opening the pipe. There are many pipe opener companies in the cities that open the toilet using a generator for clogged sewer pipes and siphons. You can call one of them and solve your problem. To do this, you can contact NUTech Plumbing to solve your problem while receiving free consultation and pay according to the union tariff.

Rising toilet water due to clogged pipes

Another common cause is clogged building sewer pipes. For example, clogged sewer pipes in your bathroom or toilet or the main sewer pipe of your unit or clogged main sewer pipes in the building, each of which will cause the sewer to rise from the toilet. If you live in a multi-storey building, the problem may have occurred for several units.

If so, it is clear that the blockage is in the main pipe of the building, and if the problem is only yours, then it is clear that the blockage occurred in the sewer pipe of your unit. In this case, too, you can not do anything and only need to contact professional pipe openers. We recommend that you only contact professional pipe openers so that they can solve your problem. Otherwise, you may get caught in the opening pipe and in addition to not solving your problem, other problems will be created for you.

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