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What are the dangers of opening the tube with salt ink?

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The dangers of opening the tube with salt ink

Some believe that the acidic chemical properties of detergents such as salt ink and Vitex have the ability to remove clogged pipes. Accordingly, they use them for opening pipes, which is not right at all and will create irreparable dangers for them. It is necessary to observe the safety points of the opening pipe and to use the correct methods to remove the clogged pipes. Plumbing in Toronto is not an issue that you can easily ignore.

Clogged sewer pipes

Pipe clogging occurs for many people, some of whom use simple and home-made methods such as boiling water, well opener, pipe opener spring, pipe opener solution, etc., and some other companies help open pipe and drain wells. Both methods are good and without problems. But some people have not tried either of these two methods and arbitrarily use their own methods.

After experimenting with home methods to remove clogged pipes and frustration, these people also start making chemical pipe openers because they avoid spending money to contact their pipe opener company. Using some acidic detergents, these people invent an opening tube that can be life-threatening.

Combination of detergents to remove clogged pipes

People think that chemical detergents are acidic and use them as a tube opener solution. They also combine several detergents to strengthen the handmade pipe opener and increase its efficiency, which is strictly forbidden. The combination of detergents such as Vitex, salt ink and bleach can cause hazardous compounds and the release of toxic gases, which should be strictly avoided.

The problem is that chemical detergents emit toxic gases that are harmful to human health. The vapors of these solutions, if they enter the human body, will poison the person and sometimes take his life. In some cases, it has been observed that the person has a severe disability and has lost the ability to move.

The combination of detergent chemicals usually creates new compounds or other interactions that may harm you and cause skin problems or asthma and shortness of breath when it comes in contact with or inhales the skin. Many people, unaware of this, combine these materials and use them as pipe openers.

Use salt ink to open the tube

One of the most common detergent compounds is a combination of salt ink and Vitex, both of which have chemical acidic properties and will produce another hazardous chemical. These two are used for washing and cleaning toilets and bathrooms, while some use it as a pipe opener, and this is not true at all. Some housewives, due to ignorance, combine the two and use it to remove clogged pipes or clean.

Another problem with this is that it can be used indoors. This solution is usually used to relieve clogging of toilets and bathrooms while both are in closed and unventilated environments and using it in these places causes suffocation and poisoning. People poisoned by these gases initially experience symptoms such as shortness of breath and asthma, and in later stages even die.

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