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What are the dangers of opening the tube with salt ink?-part 2

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The dangers of opening the tube with salt ink

Last week we talked about the solutions used to open the tube and their dangers. Today we would like to conclude this discussion so that we can explore more topics related to plumbing in Toronto in the coming weeks.

Chemical properties of pipe opening solutions

It should be noted that chemical solutions for opening pipes or acid detergents should not be used in closed environments such as toilets and bathrooms that do not have air conditioning in order to reduce its risks. If it is necessary to use detergents, it is better to turn on the ventilation and then open the pipe with salt ink. Also, if possible, it is better not to be present in the contaminated environment and leave the place after pouring the solution.

Usually, the solutions of pipe openers and bleaches must remain for some time to take effect, so it is better to leave the place and keep the ventilation on, and after some time, return to the toilet and bathroom and wash and continue working. While maintaining your health, this also reduces the risks of opening the tube.

Detergent or pipe-opening solution

Another note is about using detergents as pipe openers. In the market, there are special solutions for unclogging pipes that have acidic properties and remove blockages. To solve the problem of clogged pipes, it is better to use special solutions and keep the detergents for washing the bathroom and toilet. These solutions have high efficiency and are specially made for this purpose.

Of course, it should be noted that pipe unclogging solutions, like chemical detergents, are harmful to health and should not be smelled or put in contact with the skin. Also, the continuous use of pipe-opening solutions causes the destruction of the sewer pipe and its corrosion. So use moderation in the use of pipe-opening solutions.

Using home pipe openers

If you have a problem with a clogged sewer pipe, it is better to use simple and homemade methods of unclogging the pipe so that your problem can be solved without risk or difficulty. You can also get help from technical service companies called pipe opening companies for this work. There are companies in Toronto that are regulated by the Union of Plumbers and offer their services at union rates. These authorized companies will easily solve your problem by using proper pipe opening methods and advanced equipment and charge you a low salary. These companies bring you cheap and easy plumbing.

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