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Unclogging the sewer pipe with cement, grout, bitumen and plaster

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Unclogging the sewer pipe with cement, grout, bitumen and plaster

To remove the clogging of the sewer pipe with cement, plaster, slurry, bitumen, white and black cement mortar, the solution is to use the device. NUTech Plumbing Company 100% guarantee no destruction and pipe replacement is done by the best plumbers in Toronto.

If you are looking to unclog the sewer pipe with cement and other construction materials, you should know that pouring very strong acid does not work, and you should not even look for solutions to remove cement from the sewer pipe; Because such things do nothing and only damage the pipe more because they are corrosive.

At NUTech Plumbing, we have very professional service providers who have years of experience in plumbing services in Toronto like unclogging sewer pipes with black and white cement, bitumen, plaster and grout. Dear ones, you can use the experience and expertise of NUTech Plumbing service providers to unclog the pipe with cement.

What destroys cement?

To answer this question, it must first be determined whether the cement was recently poured into the pipe or old. It is better to answer this question like this:

If the cement has been poured into the pipe for a few hours now

In this situation, if cement can be seen, it is better to remove cement as much as possible from the sewer pipe with a tool or hand. Then prepare several buckets of water (hot or boiling water is better) and pour it into the pipe with pressure to wash the pipe.

If the cement is old or it has been a few days since it was poured into the pipe

If the cement inside the pipe is old and hardened, the only way is to use the device and tools for opening the pipe and there is no other way. Of course, its opening also depends on the volume of mortar, which is determined at work.

Cement solvent in the sewer pipe

If cement has been poured into your home’s sewer pipe and you are looking for a way to remove it to unclog the pipe, we must say that cement solvents are generally sulfurs and chlorines. Any substance that has these substances can dissolve cement and there are other solutions that unfortunately are not for sewer pipes and are only used for washing concrete mixers and metal surfaces.

In addition, sulfurs and chlorines do not have the ability to soften cement and destroy it, and they can only make it scaly, which again cannot be destroyed by using solvents.

It is better not to waste your time and think about the best solution that we will tell you next. Also, to unclog the pipe with plaster and grout, the method is the same as explained below.

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