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Unclogging the sewer pipe with cement, grout, bitumen and plaster-Part 2

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Unclogging the sewer pipe with cement, grout, bitumen and plaster-Part 2

Before starting to read this article, we suggest you read the first part carefully. Last week we talked about cement solvent and things that destroy cement.

What destroys cement?

Does the acid destroy the cement inside the pipe?

Many customers who contact us are looking for a hardened cement solvent and their question is whether acid is suitable for unclogging the sewer pipe with cement or not?

The answer to this question is very simple, you can try this, but NUTech Plumbing Company does not give any guarantee to unclog the sewer pipe with cement, plaster or grout.

Note that acid not only does not destroy cement and plaster, but it can also cause rotting of pipe connections, that’s why we never recommend acid to our customers.

How to unclog a sewer pipe with cement?

To unclog a pipe with white, black, plaster or grout, the only way and the best and most economical way is to use an electric spring device.

The electric spring does not cause any damage to the cast iron and plastic pipe (polica) and is special for this work because the spring alloy is flexible and can easily scrape the cement.

In order to remove the clogging of the pipe with cement by means of a spring, you must have experience in this work, or if a serviceman is sent to your home to do the work, he must be completely expert and experienced.

At NUTech Plumbing, we have several cement unclog services located throughout Toronto to do just that. For this reason, they have very high experience and do the work without problems and 100% guaranteed.

Clogging the pipe with white cement

White cement, like black cement, causes many problems such as pipe clogging. Usually, this problem occurs when the house needs to be repaired and renovated. In such cases, it is possible to pour cement, grout or plaster into the pipe, which causes it to be blocked.

The best way to remove the blockage of the pipe with white cement is to open the pipe with an electric spring so that the pipe is not damaged and no carving is needed. NUTech Plumbing company’s service personnel are fully guaranteed to open this blockage.

Clogged toilet pipe with cement

One of the most common problems in Ontario homes is clogging of the toilet pipe with cement due to house renovation or repair. As you know, sewer pipes, especially toilet pipes, have a trap, and if cement is poured into the pipe, it stays in this part.

Opening and removing plaster and cement from inside the toilet sewer pipe requires more sensitivity and caution. For this reason, it is better for elite and expert technical forces to do this work.

As mentioned, in this company, there are private technical forces to do the work, who are experts in plumbing services in Toronto like unclogging the sewer pipe with cement, and they do this work completely guaranteed and without damaging the sewer pipe and toilet bowl.

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