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Types of toilet drainage systems + advantages and disadvantages

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Types of toilet drainage systems + advantages and disadvantages

Types of toilet drainage systems can be classified into four general groups in terms of speed, water consumption and noise, as well as cleaning power and preventing clogging of pipes. This classification is actually based on the toilet flushing mechanism and includes different types of washdown, waterjet, turbojet and whirlpool. Next, NUTech Plumbing will examine and explain the differences between the types of toilet drainage systems and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The reasons for the importance of choosing the right toilet drainage system

One of the most important and main parts in every building is the bathroom and toilet, which must be at a high level in terms of hygiene. Otherwise, the health of the people present in that environment as well as the health and comfort will be severely affected. For this reason, it is necessary to be familiar with the types of toilet drainage systems and choose the best and most appropriate ones based on the environmental conditions. The wrong choice of the toilet emptying mechanism brings several major problems, the most important of which are the following options:

  • Improperly draining the toilet increases the possibility of clogged pipes and you will constantly need someone who is skilled in plumbing in Toronto.
  • Each type of toilet flushing mechanism has a specific water consumption. Choosing them incorrectly can greatly increase water consumption.
  • The draining sound of some toilets is very loud, and for this reason, it can cause people’s peace to disappear in the master room and similar cases.
  • Of course, in addition to choosing the right drainage system, it is necessary to make sure that the installation is done correctly, otherwise the toilet repair should be done by an expert to solve problems such as continuous clogging.

Types of toilet drainage systems
In general, 4 mechanisms are considered in the toilet drainage system, which are:

Wash Down Flushing System

One of the most common and oldest methods for emptying a toilet is a flush or washdown. If you are wondering what a washdown is, you need to know that this method works like a waterfall. So that the water in the tank first enters the edges under the seat. The numerous holes located on the lower edges of this part transfer the water down quickly like a waterfall and shower.

Advantages and disadvantages of washing down flushing system

There are some positive and negative points in the washdown mechanism, which are:

  • In this method, washing is done from top to bottom, and for this reason, the toilet bowl is always clean.
  • It has high water consumption
  • Due to the use of a lot of water, the possibility of clogging the toilet is very low
  • Draining in the drip system is done with a lot of noise.

For this reason, it can be said that the draining system of a falling or waterfall toilet is not a suitable option for environments such as the master room because it is very noisy.

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