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Types of toilet drainage systems + advantages and disadvantages-Part 2

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Types of toilet drainage systems + advantages and disadvantages-Part 2

Dear friends, in the previous part of this article, we talked about the toilet Wash Down drainage system. This is one of the dilemmas that you need to get the full information from a person who is skilled in the field of plumbing in Toronto.

Vortex Flushing System toilet drain

Among other types of toilet flushing mechanisms, we can mention a vortex. This mechanism is very similar to a waterfall, except that the edges do not have holes and the water moves from top to bottom in a rotating manner.

Advantages and disadvantages of the toilet flushing mechanism

  • Due to the swirling movement, the discharge is done at a very low speed.
  • The possibility of clogging in this mechanism is high
  • The slow movement of water reduces the discharge sound
  • The amount of water consumption in this mechanism is high
  • Discharge is very slow.

Based on this, it can be said that a toilet with a vortex or rotating drainage system is not an ideal option for crowded environments.

Water Jet Flushing System

New and slightly more advanced toilets do not use more than two mechanisms of spilling and whirling, and instead waterjet and turbojet have been implemented in them. The waterjet mechanism is a combination of pouring and shooting, and for this reason, it solves the problem of clogging the toilet to a great extent. In this mechanism, the water in the tank is transferred to the edges under the seat and is directed down through the holes on the water at high speed. In addition, another channel for directing water at a very high speed with a shooting mechanism is also considered on top of the toilet bowl. Shooting causes the water to leave the channel at a very high speed and be transferred to the lowest point of the toilet bowl.

Advantages and disadvantages of toilets with a waterjet discharge system

  • In this system, the discharge speed is very high
  • There is a high probability of clogging the toilet pipe in the Wartjet
  • Water consumption is less than spillage and whirlpool
  • The output of this type of toilet is small
  • The toilet discharge sound is low in this system

A toilet with a waterjet discharge system is not suitable for crowded environments and is mostly used for bedrooms and master bedrooms and hotels.

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