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Tutorial for closing the pipe and siphon of the sink

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Many people find it difficult to close the pipe and siphon under the sink and fail to do so after much effort. To solve this problem, we have provided training so that you can easily distinguish the connections related to single or twin sinks without contacting the plumber and easily assemble them. In this tutorial, you will be taught how to close the connections of the siphon and the sink pipe in a completely clear way.

This tutorial, which teaches you how to close a sink drain pipe, is suitable for those who have just bought a sink and do not know how to install it. Of course, installing the sink is not a complicated task and you just need to place the sink on the cabinet related to the dishwasher. In most cases, the installation of the sink is done by the work cabinet. But no pipe and siphon installation. Therefore, in order to install it, people have to contact a pipe opener or a facility person to do the work for them.

This tutorial is also suitable for those who want to open the dishwasher siphon. In many cases, we see that the sink is clogged and the siphon must be opened to solve the problem. After opening the siphon and clearing the clogs, it is no longer possible for the person to close it again, and after much effort, he can not reassemble the dishwasher connections as before. We want to solve this problem and teach you how to install dishwasher fittings by providing a simple and short tutorial.

Parts and fittings required to install the sink siphon

Before providing the training, you must have all the necessary connections to install the dishwasher siphon. If you have just bought a sink, all the necessary connections are in the sink package. If you already have a sink and some parts may be lost, you should replace them all. The requirements for installing the pipes under the single and twin dishwasher sink are as follows.

  • Dishwasher sink (single or twin)
  • Sewer inlet and gasket (number of pelvis)
  • Elbow connection pipe
  • Simple connection pipe (in some sinks)
  • Two-way or three-way
  • Siphon set
  • Duct
  • Inlet opening and tray hose
  • Sewer hood and cover for sewage cap
  • Large plastic screws and washers
  • Other connections

The above are the parts that are needed to install a dishwasher siphon. But these are not all the parts in the sink. There is also a pelvic trap net, a sink surface blocker, a drain pipe blocker, etc. in the sink set, which are used in some cases. Also, in this tutorial, no special tools are needed to close the pipes and siphons, and work is done with a two or four-sided screwdriver to close the screws.

We will continue this article next week. If you have any question about plumbing in Toronto, Please feel free to ask.

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