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Toilet float repair

Toilet float repair

One of the most used equipment for humans is the toilet. When the toilet is used, the toilet float needs to be repaired.

The toilet has a siphon or flush tank in the back of the stone, which is filled with water and is also used to drain the sewage. In the flush tank, there is a part called a float, with which the amount of water entering and exiting is adjusted. There are 2 types of flush tank float, one-time and two-time, and in the two-time mode, it is possible to perform a mode other than complete emptying and reduce water consumption.
After the toilet installation is done, in some cases, the toilet float may need to be repaired in the first days or after several months.

When the toilet float does not work properly, there may be damage caused by overflowing or late filling of the chamber, and the float must be repaired or replaced. You can call a company which is expert in plumbing in Toronto.

  • First, the water flow should be cut off, then the siphon should be pulled and the tank lid should be removed to check the possible problem. At first, it is possible that the floater lever or the toilet float, which moves water in and out, is broken. which can be fixed by repairing the float or replacing this part.
  • The second possibility of the ball being punctured is a floating ball, which is heavy due to water penetration and the volume of water is not recognized correctly, and the ball must be changed at this time. It is better to entrust the repair of the flash tank float to an expert.
  • The third possibility is the failure of the sealing rubber gasket, which should be removed and replaced by removing the valve and three-way valve.
  • The fourth possibility is the clogging of the floating valve, which does not allow water to enter the tank at this time. After the floating valve is removed, use a needle-like object to open the blockage so that the water flows properly.

Toilet float repair tips

Siphon and float discharge

The filling and emptying system is available in old toilets and lift floats should be used instead of old floats. Because it makes for better water regulation and does not leak.

The connecting pipe of the plastic pipe that transfers the floating pipe of water into the toilet bowl and prevents unpleasant odors.

Two-stroke toilet repairs

First, the mechanism must be separated from the base by turning the body.

Then you have to press the blue key all the way down.

At this stage, the valve must be completely closed.

Here, the bow-shaped seals should be opened to the end of the screw.

The base should be tilted and the bow nut should be removed from the tank hole, and then the screw should be closed so that water does not pass through it.

At this stage, the mechanism part should be turned and put in its place.

At this stage, the floating nut should be removed and the tank should be placed in such a way that after the water is completely drained and the floating water is cut off, the float does not get stuck under the tank and the draining process is stopped.

Here, the float should be turned to the left and unlocked, and it should be locked by turning it slightly to the right.

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