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Sink Issues: S.O.S

Sink Issues

Being in contact with drains of every sort every day makes us familiar with a feeling most uncomfortable than many others: the frustration of having a drain clogged. But don’t fret! If you are struggling with a clogged sink, we have got you covered. So, keep on reading this article on how to fix your sink.

Salt and vinegar

First of all, you must keep in mind these two very helpful ingredients: salt and vinegar (one cup from each). Once mixed and brought to an even, smooth texture, these two ingredients have the power to cut through the debris stuck in your sink that is causing you draining problems. If this combination isn’t strong enough for you, simply add lemon juice (half a cup). Such mixtures need cleansing after usage, which means that you have to clean the sink with boiling water afterwards.

Hot Water

Obviously, one of the first things that comes to mind when dealing with problems of drainage is the image of the plunger. So, grab one! Fill the sink with hot water beforehand and once the plunger is in place, plunge the drain in quick motion.

Baking soda

You remember the magical ingredient that we discussed, vinegar. Now add to it the element of baking soda and you’re good to go! First pour the baking soda inside the drain and then wash it with vinegar. Don’t forget that when you are working with such ingredients, or in cases when you are to be in contact with chemicals, you would need gloves. Skin is quite sensitive to chemical substances and so are your lungs. So, please take action in highly ventilated areas. Open windows if you can, turn on the fans and make sure you can breathe fresh air whilst you are unclogging with a protected skin.

If you contact the Nutech plumbing services before trying anything on your own, they will definitely ask you questions regarding the severity of the situation. Sometimes a basic treatment like the ones aforementioned might work and sometimes they might not. So, don’t forget to examine the situation carefully in order to be able to answer such inquiries when you make the call. We hope the sink situation can be handled on your own but don’t forget to contact plumbing in Toronto services when the situation is out of hands. Sometimes, the wrong action can worsen the situation than when you sit in a corner and take no action. So please, don’t forget to make the right decision of choosing help when you need to.

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