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Sewer Cockroaches – Everything You Need to Know About Sewer Cockroaches

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Sewer Cockroaches – Everything You Need to Know About Sewer Cockroaches

Where does the sewer cockroach come from? Do sewer cockroaches have benefits or are they dangerous for humans? What are the ways to kill them? Everything you need to know about these insects is written in this article.

The sewer cockroach is an annoying insect that disturbs the peace of the house. There are many ways to get rid of sewer cockroaches, but first you need to know where they come from before you can find the best way to fight sewer cockroaches.

Sewage cockroach

The sewer cockroach is explained in Wikipedia as there are many species of cockroaches and most people confuse the sewer or bathroom cockroaches with Beetles.

In fact, Beetles have a frame on their wings and they have to open it first to fly. But sewage cockroaches do not have this frame and can quickly open their wings to fly.

Some sewer cockroaches fly and some don’t, they can survive a month without food and a week without water.

What is more interesting here is that if you cut off the head of a cockroach, it can live normally for another three days.

Sewage cockroaches are almost omnivorous, in addition to eating plant leaves, they also eat meat, human feces, animal carcasses, and the carcasses of their own species.

You may not want to know that more than 3500 species of cockroaches live on earth and only 30 of them can live near humans.

Where do cockroaches come from?

Maybe you are one of those people who think that cockroaches only infest dirty houses. But you should know that the growth of these insects is so high that their number increases quickly, and therefore there is a possibility of their presence everywhere, even in clean places.

American cockroaches, which are originally African cockroaches and today they are known by various names such as sewer cockroaches, entered the ships from Africa and went to America, then from there they invaded the whole world.

Cockroaches may have been in your house from the beginning or may have come there with you. Also, cockroaches can enter new places from neighbors’ floors and buildings.

These cockroaches come to your home through store-bought nylons, cartons, furniture, wooden items. You should know that sewer cockroaches easily penetrate into homes through city sewer pipes and come to homes through floor drains or other sewers.

Benefits of cockroaches

Do you know that the presence of cockroaches in nature is very useful for the planet and us humans? This shows that God Almighty does not create any being without wisdom.

But you might say to yourself that cockroaches are nothing but disease. Wherever they pass, they leave a trail of feces and are responsible for the spread of bacteria such as Shiegella and Salmonella.

Most of the beetles live in tropical areas and tropical forests. These cockroaches eat rotten wood and leaves of trees and excrete them in the form of feces.

This excrement contains nutrients such as nitrogen, and in this way, the nitrogen is returned to the ground by the cockroach.

Just as energy is a vital substance for plants and earth, the existence of trees and plants is also necessary for human life.

Also, cockroaches are food for many birds and small reptiles. If cockroaches are removed from the food chain of these animals, they will have devastating effects on the world around us.

If you want to get rid of them, it’s better to call a company which is expert in the field of plumbing in Richmond Hill.

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