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Sewer clogging of restaurants and kitchens

Clogging occurs for any sewer pipe, which may be in a restaurant or kitchen when a restaurant sewer pipe becomes clogged. Restaurants, kitchens and eateries are prone to clogging of the sewer pipe due to excessive use of water and production of oily and greasy sewage, and if not observed, they may face this problem in plumbing in Toronto field. Leave the opening and clogging of the sewer pipe of restaurants and eateries to us.

Types of clogged sewer pipes

With the increase of water use and the increase of buildings, the sewage piping increased and this caused the number of clogged sewage pipes to increase. Clogging can occur in any type of pipe, and the smaller the diameter of the pipe, the greater the likelihood. There are several types of clogs that occur in sewer pipes. In the following, we will introduce some of these types of clogged sewer pipes to you.

  • Clogged shoe and bathroom sewer pipe
  • Blockage of the yard or parking lot floor block
  • Closing the toilet siphon and clogging its sewer pipe
  • Clogging in the sink
  • Clogged sewer pipes of restaurants and kitchens
  • Blockage of sewage pipes in apartments and residential complexes

Which are part of the different types of clogged sewer pipes that may occur to you. But the congestion we are looking at in this article is about the restaurant and the kitchen.

Clogged sewer pipes in restaurants and eateries

Restaurants and eateries, which usually also have kitchens, have a high chance of clogging sewer pipes. This is because these sets use oils and fats to prepare food, which is the main cause of sewage clogs in kitchens. One of the main and important reasons for clogging in the pipe is the entry of oil and fat into the sewer pipe, which by remaining in the sewer pipe, the clogging intensifies and eventually leads to blockage of the sewer pipe.

Another cause of clogged pipes in the kitchen and food preparation is food. Rice, oil, fat, onion skin, potato skin, tea pulp, food scraps, bones, etc., which are part of the food, are the main and integral part of the kitchen, which enters the sewer pipe and causes clogging. In large kitchens, due to the high volume of work and short time, these points are usually ignored and in some cases, the occupation and leftover food enters the sewer pipe, in which case there is a high probability of clogging the pipes.

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