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Sewer clogging of restaurants and kitchens-part 2

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Clogged sewer pipes and baths

Restaurants and eateries, which usually also have kitchens, have a high chance of clogging sewer pipes. This is because these sets use oils and fats to prepare food, which is the main cause of sewage clogs in kitchens. One of the main and important reasons for clogging in the pipe is the entry of oil and fat into the sewer pipe, which by remaining in the sewer pipe, the clogging intensifies and eventually leads to blockage of the sewer pipe.

Another cause of clogged pipes in the kitchen and food preparation is food. Rice, oil, fat, onion skin, potato skin, tea pulp, food scraps, bones, etc., which are part of the food, are the main and integral part of the kitchen, which enters the sewer pipe and causes clogging. . In large kitchens, due to the high volume of work and short time, these points are usually ignored, and in some cases, the occupation and leftover food enters the sewer pipe, in which case there is a high probability of clogging the pipes.

Prevent clogging of the sewer pipe with grease trap

A simple way to solve this problem is to use a fat burner. Kitchens of restaurants, food preparation, dining halls and reception halls, and in general the complexes that prepare and produce food will have very fatty sewage due to the use of various foods as well as oils and fats for cooking. Sewage produced in these complexes, which enters the sewer pipe through the outlet of the sink, due to high fat, causes clogging of the sewer pipes and will cause many problems for restaurants.

In addition to clogging the sewer pipe, if they also use the sewer network, it causes a large volume of oil to enter the treatment plant and disrupts the wastewater treatment operation. For this reason, to solve this problem, restaurants and kitchens that have a lot of fat produced are required to use grease traps to prevent high volumes of fat from entering the sewage. In addition, they prevent clogging of their own sewer pipe, and if they use a sewer well, its filling time will be delayed.

Use a strainer to prevent the pipe from closing

So the first solution is to use a fat burner. But the second way to solve the problem is to use special sinks or sinks that prevent the occupation and food debris from entering the sewer pipe. With this simple method, clogging of the sewer pipe can be greatly prevented and the need for an opening pipe can be reduced. Given that the main cause of clogged kitchen pipes is the entry of food into the pipe, so this method is very useful.

Restaurant and kitchen opening pipe

However, if the sewer pipe in your kitchen and restaurant gets clogged, the only solution is to contact the pipe opener companies. As one of the best companies in the field of plumbing in Toronto, offering a variety of quality services to our customers, we are proud to use the best staff and professional technicians. In this way, we will do our best to solve your problem. We have low wages for our services and our only goal is to satisfy you customers. Just ask us for clogged sewer pipes in kitchens, restaurants and eateries so that we can remove these clogs for you with new methods and special devices for opening pipes.

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