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Sewage gas and its causes

Sewage gas and its causes

Sewage gas is a combination of mineral gases that is created by the activity of a group of bacteria on sewage and sludge and causes the bad smell of sewage. This bad smell is caused by the presence of hydrogen sulfide, along with the lesser effect of ammonia. Therefore, it is better to think about definitive treatment of sewage odor with the most specialized methods of unclogging pipes.

Despite the toxicity of sewage gas (hydrogen sulfide), this gas does not cause breathing problems for people at home, but in high concentrations it can cause depression! Don’t worry, the concentration of this gas is not dangerous for you, but people who are directly exposed to it need to follow safety precautions.

Therefore, if you face problems such as smelling sewage and clogging the building’s pipes, request plumbing in Toronto.

Emission of sewage gas and its causes in the place of residence

The main reason for the release of sewage gases in the building is non-standard plumbing and neglecting to remove the blockage of the sewer pipe for a long time; Because in some drains, the trap is not installed. But these gases can enter the building in other ways:

  • Non-standard ventilation
  • Damaged drain
  • Damaged trap: Naturally, if the knee is broken and causes water to leak out, its seams are also open, causing sewage gas to leak.
  • Dried trap: If there is an elbow in the plumbing that is rarely used, the water in the pipe evaporates and leads to the opening of the elbow joints.

If the trap is not used for a while, the trap will break due to the evaporation of its water. Also, in case of injury, the water flow causes more damage; So, sewage gases can easily spread in the environment.

Factors causing sewage gas

Sometimes environmental conditions cause the production of foul-smelling sewage gases because there is not enough oxygen in the environment.

  • In the sludge settled at the bottom of the sewer pipe
  • It is possible to produce this gas in the lime layer that covers the sewage.
  • Clogging of the sewer pipe, which can be due to the old plumbing system of the building, or if garbage or objects have fallen into the sewer, can cause the pipes to clog.

In general, when there is little oxygen in the sewer system for any reason (for example, due to sludge or clogging due to mass), hydrogen sulfide gas, which is the cause of the bad smell of sewage, is produced and may enter the house. Sometimes preventive and remedial methods of sewage, such as pouring lime in the sewage well, can be effective in preventing this problem from occurring.

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