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Sewage gas and its causes-part 2

Sewage gas and its causes-part 2

If you have read the previous part, you are probably familiar with sewage gas and its causes. So that it is not difficult for you, we will briefly mention these factors again and then proceed further.

  • In the sludge settled at the bottom of the sewer pipe
  • It is possible to produce this gas in the lime layer that covers the sewage.
  • Clogging of the sewer pipe, which can be due to the old plumbing system of the building, or if garbage or objects have fallen into the sewer, can cause the pipes to clog.

This subject is related to us and the field of plumbing in Toronto.

The solution to eliminate the bad smell of sewage gas

Sometimes, by washing the place where the sewage passes or by measures such as springing the sewer pipe, the problem of its clogging or settling of materials is solved, the sewage flows and then the bad smell of the sewage is reduced, but to permanently remove this smell, you have to go for a basic solution.

You can leave the solution of this problem and all the problems related to digging sewage wells, other measures such as dredging, etc. to a skilled and specialized force with just one call to us. By doing this, by investigating the cause and fixing it, you can prevent the re-release of these smelly and toxic but low-risk gases in your home.

How does sewage gas enter the house?

The only way that sewer gas enters the home is if something went wrong with the home’s plumbing. The most common defect in the plumbing system is the presence of drains that do not have trap.

Is sewage gas harmful to people?

Although hydrogen sulfide gas is poisonous, it will be harmful to humans under unusual circumstances. This gas is not harmful for people who are exposed to normal concentrations of this gas at home. But in very high concentrations, this gas has a depressing effect on the central nervous system.

But you should pay attention to the fact that if someone enters a tunnel or pit containing sewage that has been subjected to anaerobic decomposition, the chances of poisoning are not small.

What exactly is a trap?

A trap is a U-shaped device that, depending on the type of pipe, can be made of clay and is capable of trapping sewage. This sewer acts as a cover and does not allow the sewage gas to be released from the drain holes into the house.

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