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Repair and reconstruction of the sewage well

Repair and reconstruction of the sewage well

By repairing and renovating the building’s sewage well, there is no need to dig the well again. Wastewater wells become worn out and weakened with the passage of time, and with more use, there is a possibility of their falling, so by repairing and renovating the sewer well, an old and sometimes out of order well can be used again.

What are the benefits of repairing and renovating a sewage well?

One of the useful things to prevent the destruction of sewage wells in plumbing in Toronto, is the timely emptying of the well, which is done before its repair.

Draining the sewage well

One of the stages of renovation of the sewage well is its emptying, which is done before repair and reconstruction. By using a suction tanker, the well can be emptied easily and in the shortest time. Normal sewage tankers can also be used to empty the well. After emptying, it is time to dredge and cut the well to turn it from an old and old well into a new and usable well.

Dredging and drilling wells

After draining the well to start the dredging operation, the well is emptied of any water and sewage. Dredging and bottoming of the well, which is very important in the stages of well renovation, is done by an expert. To dredge a well, an expert enters the well and scrapes the wall until it reaches the soil. After dredging and cutting the well, the dredged materials are removed from the well.

To repair and restore the well, a suction pump for draining the well or a suction tanker for sewage is used. After emptying, the materials in the well are transported to another place by the sewage tanker.

Additional layers inside the well prevent water and sewage from being absorbed by the soil, in which case, after some time, the sewage remains inside the well, the well overflows and must be emptied.

Simply dredge your well and sewer pipes yourself

You have noticed many times that your kitchen sink smells like sewage, like rotten eggs or animal carcasses; Or even from the toilets and bathrooms and the door of wells in the yard or the basement of the house, this disgusting smell can be smelled.

Is there a solution to fix it? Do you need a dredging specialist? And finally, is it possible to get a definitive treatment of the bad smell of sewage without using chemicals?

We tell you that the answer to all the above questions is positive. The solutions that we will tell you without the need for an expert, without dredging and specialized pipe opening, with the least knowledge and the least equipment that is usually found in all houses, the problem of the bad smell of the sewage well will be solved.

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