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Repair and reconstruction of the sewage well-part 2

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Repair and reconstruction of the sewage well-part 2

In the continuation of this series of articles, we would like to mention the bad smell of sewage and solutions for dredging sewage in plumbing in Toronto.

The reason for the bad smell of sewage

First of all, we must say that the bad smell of sewage is due to the leakage of foul-smelling and toxic gases from inside the sewage wells into the house area.

Sewage wells usually produce toxic gases, which are called sewage gas, because of the chemicals and consumables collected in them. These gases can have different concentrations and degrees of suffocation depending on the combined materials inside the sewage well.

Improper siphon

But among the reasons for how this smell leaks out of the sewer well and into the interior of the house can be the non-standard installation of sewer pipes; This means that the trap or siphon placed in the sink or toilet or bathroom is not standard and there is an empty space for gas leakage. For this reason, when installing the siphon, you should make sure that the purchased siphon is designed in such a way that its trap is completely filled with water and there are no seams for gas leakage.

Sewage dredging solutions and sewage odor removal

In the following, we will teach you some simple solutions using non-chemical substances to remove this smell and dredging and get rid of gas from the toilet well without using methods such as springing the sewer pipe.

The first solution is to use lemon juice and baking soda, both in the amount of one cup. Put these two in a bowl and mix, and then pour it into the sewer pipe. After a short while, open the cold water tap and let some water flow into the well. You can repeat this several times.

Another solution is to use a solution of salt and baking soda in a bowl of boiling water. After mixing, pour the solution into the well. This solution is one of the best compounds to eliminate the bad smell of sewage and at the same time it has a pleasant smell for humans.

In the coming weeks, we will be talking more about sewer wells and plumbing issues in Toronto to make you more familiar with this topic and provide you with more information.

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