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Plumbing, soft and hard water

Plumbing, soft and hard water

This combination might seem bizarre to you on first glance. What does soft or hard water have to do anything with our pipe situation and affect its health? But let me tell you, this question is much more complicated than you might think and is really an important one. So, how does water really affect our pipes based on its essence and how do we avoid common problems that without our knowing happen to us because of this problem? Keep on reading to find out.

First off, what is the difference between soft and hard water?

Imagine a rainy day. Did you? Now the pure rainwater that falls from the sky, the natural form of the water we are witnessing is referred to as soft water. Through the process of facing the earth, passing the streets and coming into waterways, many minerals accompany it and turn it into a hard from of water that contains calcium and magnesium. In other words, salty water that is undrinkable is the version of water we call soft and the mineral waters that we tend to choose for drinking and for health benefits is the version we call hard water.

For the same reason that our bodies are vulnerable to external damages that water can cause, pipes are sensitive to the elements our water is made of, though this is a matter that is often overlooked in the case of considering plumbing problems.

Now, how do we identify a problem as having to do with soft or hard water?

This might be a common thing to you as well. Imagine you go to the laundromat or you are doing laundry at home and you find out that your clothes are ruined. Or you find out that no mater how much soap you use, you just can’t wash off the dirt off of your hands. One obvious other case would be your hands and skin having problems despite the fact that you take good care. This is all pointing to one thing and that is the problem with your water.

So, what can we do about it?

If the water in your house shows the above symptoms and is acting out by tasting and smelling weird, you should definitely find a proper plumbing service in Toronto that works for you. Just as harmful as water is for the pipes, it can turn into a major problem in contact with your skin and mouth and so it is not a matter to overlook. Be sure to treat the problem head on and keep on reading our posts weekly to find out more!

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