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Pipe opener with baking soda-Part 2

Pipe opener with baking soda-Part 2

If the baking soda and white vinegar method does not work for draining the well, you can use a combination of baking soda and salt.

This combination is a very strong substance to unclog the sewer pipe with the home method, if you do it before going to sleep, you will get the result by morning.

  • Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain.
  • Pour half a cup of salt on baking soda.
  • Let a few hours pass. Usually, the best time to use the baking soda unclog method is late at night and wait until the morning.
  • Empty 2 cups of hot water into the tube.
  • If the clog clears, turn on the cold water.

Tips to prevent clogging of sewer pipes

Never remove the sink net and shoes from the pipe. This will prevent excess material and hair from entering the tube.
Never pour oil or grease into the pipe.
Before washing food dishes, be sure to wipe oil, fat and substances such as olive oil from the dishes with a napkin and then wash them.
Pour hot water along with soap or other detergents into the pipe regularly.
Sometimes you can pour baking soda into the tube at night and pour warm water or white vinegar into the tube when you wake up in the morning.
Both methods of unclogging with baking soda or vinegar and baking soda with salt are effective for unclogging. But to remove the bad smell of sewage, it is better to halve the mentioned amounts.

Answers to frequently asked questions about pipe unclogging with baking soda

Can you really unclog the pipe with baking soda?

The method of unclogging with baking soda and vinegar is a real solution. But the effectiveness of this method depends on the severity of the blockage. You should not expect miracles from this simple method when raising the well, collecting sewage around the pipe or completely blocking the pipe, because it will not give you results. But when the pipe has a superficial blockage, this easy solution can be the least expensive method of opening the pipe for you.

What is the exact amount of baking soda and vinegar to open the pipe?

There is no standard size for this method! You can increase or decrease the amount of baking soda and vinegar according to the severity of the cramp. If you are worried that the amount of ingredients will increase or decrease, you can use the sizes described in this article.

What to do if baking soda and vinegar does not unclog the pipe?

As we said, if the severity of the blockage is high, there is a possibility that this solution will not be able to open the tube. In this situation, you can call the support number listed on the site. Our colleagues quickly send a professional pipe opener to the site.

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