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Pipe leak detection with the device-Part 2

Pipe leak detection with the device-Part 2

In the previous part, we talked completely about pipe leakage and its detection with the device. Today we want to check more details together and talk about different types of these devices.

Types of pipe leak detectors

  • Acoustic water channel leak detectors
  • Water channel radio leak detectors
  • Hand acoustic water leak detector

Full digital acoustic water leak detector (basement pipe leak detector)

This type of leak detector has a high allergy. The technology of this leak detector is such that it has dust filters and displays time and analog and digital data clearly and can be connected to GPS. This device is also used to find leaks in the ground.

How deep can a pipe leak be detected?

The device that is used to detect leaks and breaks has a method of use.
It is used in such a way that it creates a sound that detects the leakage and bursting of pipes.
Now, in this part, the question arises as to where this sound comes from and the origin of this sound. It should be noted that the movement of water has a sound that these waves cause to create a sound that helps in the process of detecting a leak. Also, the more the amount of leakage, the more this sound is.
This amount of leakage does not matter what it is; Even if a very small hole is made, a sound is formed, which, of course, humans cannot hear, and this sound can only be heard with special devices for this purpose.
The depth at which this device can detect pipe leaks and bursts is about 40 cm from the ground, which is a reasonable amount, and you cannot expect more than this depth from leak detection devices.
Of course, apart from wave devices, there are other types of devices that can be used to detect pipe leaks. Among these devices, we can mention thermal devices that have special filters to detect the leakage of engine houses and packages.

Valve leak detection

In some cases, the leakage of the faucet is clear and visible. When the faucet is closed, water drips from the opening of the faucet, and there is no doubt that the faucet has a leaking problem, but all faucet leaks are not visible and may occur in other parts than the water outlet.

Water leakage may also occur in the water supply pipe paths for drinking water or heating ventilation system pipes such as heating pipes.

We should know that if the amount of water consumption is high, a hidden leak may occur and it causes water wastage. It is very common for faucets to leak in different places. So you should call a person who is expert in the field of plumbing in Toronto.

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