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PEX vs. PVC for Pipework Systems

PVC pipes

If you are wondering about the kind of pipes that you should be using for your household plumbing system you have probably come across these two abbreviations: PEX and PVC. These two refer to two kinds of plastic plumbing pipes. You should keep reading this article if you need help for choosing between the two!


PEX is more flexible compared to PVC, and therefore, it does not burst very easily. If you live in an area where the weather can suddenly become very cold, PEX is a better option for you. Plumbing in Toronto for example, can become quite tricky if you are using regular PVC pipes because they are not as flexible. Of course, this does not mean that PEX is immune to bursting; in cold climates, the most important thing is to have a good insulation system for the pipes. Without such system, sooner or later, you will have to deal with the problem of shattered pipes. The flexibility of PEX also allows the pipes to bend more easily without breaking, which makes their installation easier compared to PVC. It also means that if a PEX pipe goes out of shape for some reason, it can go back to its right shape easily with the use of heat.

Health Effects

In the past, there has been debate over whether PEX has any negative health effects on the drinking water. You should not really worry about this because it has since been proved that the chemicals in PEX do not leak into water. If anything, PEX is usually considered as the healthier option by many of the professionals. However, you should note that PVC is the eco-friendlier option because it is recyclable. You should also note that PEX cannot be exposed to sunlight.


PEX is generally more expensive compared to PVC. However, it does have a longer lifetime and also it is easier to install. An interesting point about PEX is that it can be merged with the preexisting piping system, whether that be PVC or even metal piping system. Generally, the safest the option is always the one that a professional plumber approves of. You should definitely consult our plumbers at NUTech Plumbing before making any big decisions about your plumbing system.  

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