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Open the clogged toilet siphon with the home solution-Part 2

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Toilet siphon opening

Last week we talked about opening the toilet siphon with you dear ones and mentioned the chemical solution of the pipe opener as a solution.

How to remove clogged pipes with dishwashing liquid

Our method is very simple and you can do it at home. It takes about 15 minutes to do that and then you will see the toilet siphon open. However, other methods each have their own difficulties and costs. But to start the pipe opening operation, you must have the following tools.

  • Hot water (to remove clogged pipes)
  • Liquid (dishwasher to create washing properties in the pipe)
  • Well opener or hand pump (main operating pipe opener)
  • Kettle (to pour the opener tube)

Start the toilet opening pipe

Once the equipment is ready, start making the pipe opener. To do this, you must first pour some water into the kettle and heat it. Hot water is the main factor in relieving clogged pipes and other auxiliary materials. After the water heats up, pour some dishwashing liquid into it. This value should be equal to one cup. Pour this amount of dishwashing liquid into hot water to dissolve on its own. Then pour the solution of the opening pipe into the sewer pipe. If the clog is inside the toilet siphon, you should pour this solution into the siphon and wait.

Wait about ten minutes for the water of our handmade solution, which is also very hot, to work well and remove the clogs. Of course, you should note that the handmade solution must be poured into the tube. If the toilet bowl is full of sewage, it is necessary to drain it. To do this, use a well opener and drain the sewage into the bowl. Then pour the solution manually. Another point is to avoid pouring hot water into the toilet bowl. Because it causes the toilet bowl to crack. Be sure to pour water into the sewer pipe or toilet siphon.

Use a well opener to open the pipe

After this time, try to open the clogged pipe using a hand pump or the same as a well opener. This completely loosens the blockages loosened by the home pipe opener solution and opens the drain pipe. To increase the effectiveness of the opening tube, you can try this in a few more steps to completely eliminate the blockage.

If you can not remove the clogged toilet well or sewer pipe with this method, you can use other methods that are mentioned in different methods of opening the pipe. There are several ways to get rid of clogged pipes, one of which will definitely solve your problem in the the field of plumbing in Toronto.

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