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Methods of unclogging the sink

Methods of unclogging the sink

Most of the calls that are made to a company specializing in plumbing in Toronto are about the question: What should be done to unclog the sink?

The entry of food waste, tea dregs, etc. into the dishwasher pipe causes clogging of the dishwasher sink pipe. To prevent clogging of the pipe in the sink, you must prevent the material from entering the pipe, in this case you will not have the problem of clogging the pipe in the sink. Anyway, inevitably, sometimes this problem happens to everyone, especially women, and it causes trouble. Stay with us. In the following, we will explain simple and useful information about unclogging the dishwasher pipe.

Signs of kitchen sink pipe blockage

Sometimes there are signs and symptoms that indicate that the sink pipe is clogged. When you see these signs, you should try to remove the blockage of the pipe. The symptoms of clogged sink pipes are:

  • The rise of the floor from the pipe
  • Smelling the unpleasant smell of sewage
  • Hear the sound of water trickling
  • Water rising from the pipe
  • Observation of insects around and on the pipe

When you encounter these symptoms in the kitchen, be sure that your dishwasher pipe is catching and you should do something as soon as possible. If the clogging of the pipe is not fixed at the very beginning, the pipe will clog very badly and you will have to bear a lot of money. Now we examine the causes of pipe blockage.

Reasons for clogging the sink pipe

Sometimes, if you don’t try to unclog the pipe in the first few days, the blockage becomes so severe and difficult that you will need a pipe unclogging service to open it. The reasons that cause this problem are:

  • Entry of food waste, tea grounds, fruit, vegetables, etc. into the pipe
  • Pouring oil and fats in the pipe
  • Entry of carpet lint and similar materials into the pipe
  • Sediments and mass
  • The slope of the dishwasher pipe is low

Be careful: sometimes when washing greasy and oily dishes, fats enter the pipe; Then you turn on the cold water. Cold water causes fats to stick to the wall of the pipe and other things to stick to themselves. In this way, sediment is formed on the pipe wall. This sediment has caused the diameter of the pipe to decrease and if the sediments are not removed soon, the pipe will be completely blocked and as a result the water in the pipe will rise.

If you don’t have proper nets in the sink to catch food and other materials and garbage, the food will settle in the pipe and gradually clog the pipe. The material inside the pipe is rotten and causes a bad and unpleasant smell.

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