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Methods of unclogging the sink-Part 2

Methods of unclogging the sink-Part 2

Last week we talked in detail about the clogging of the sink and its causes. This week we want to continue this discussion and explore more reasons together.

What are the symptoms of a clogged sink?

Slow and slow draining of water

As mentioned, sometimes the pipe clogs due to the accumulation of fat and various substances and the diameter of the pipe decreases. In this case, the water drains slowly. Sometimes different materials such as hair or food accumulate in the pipe and clog the pipe. In this case, the water in the sink is not drained or is drained slowly. If you did not succeed in unclogging the sink pipe, you can contact us for plumbing in Toronto.

Unpleasant smell of sewage

If you feel an unpleasant smell from the sink pipe, it means that food has accumulated and spoiled inside the pipe; Therefore, there is a possibility of pipe blockage in the near future.

Intermittent blockages

Sometimes the sink pipe gets clogged, but after a few minutes or hours, the blockage will be resolved by itself.

Methods of unclogging the sink pipe

In this article, we introduce and explain several methods to open the sink pipe. But if the problem is not solved by these methods, you need the services of a plumber. In this case, you should call the number listed on the site and register your request.

It should be noted that these methods work for partial and superficial blockages. When the water in the kitchen well rises, you need to use the services of a plumber to remove the blockage.

Plastic pipe opening pump

In the old days, there were usually plastic hand pumps in the houses, which were considered a good way to clear the pipes. Even now, in some houses, these plastic pumps are used to clear the pipes. It is better that these pumps are made of soft and flexible plastic. For better performance of hand pumps, pour some water in the sink. With this, air does not enter or exit. In this way, pumping will be done in a better way. By raising and lowering the pump several times and using air pressure, the blockage will be removed.

Homemade pipe opener solution

You can make a homemade solution to remove clogged pipes. We will teach how to prepare it. You need materials to make the solution:

  • Salt
  • baking soda
  • Boiling water
  • Vinegar

First, pour a glass of baking soda and salt into the sink pipe. Then add white vinegar. By combining these substances, a chemical reaction is created. This solution can destroy materials such as food waste and so on. After 2 to 3 hours, wash the tube with hot water.

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