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Methods of extracting gold from the toilet well-part 2

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Gold in Toilet

If you were with us last week, you have probably read about one of the biggest problems in your life and plumbing in Toronto. Gold falling in the toilet!

Gold falling into the toilet siphon

Then it must be found out whether the gold falling into the toilet well caused the gold to go into the sewer or whether it was inside the siphon. You can look inside the siphon to check for this problem. If you see a ring that if you have not seen it, it may have gone under the siphon because it is heavier than water. Even if it is not inside the siphon, it means that it has fallen into the sewer, in which case nothing can be done and nothing can be done at all.

So you have to check to find the gold in the siphon. To do this, find a way to find gold. The simplest way is to put your hand in the well and look for gold in the middle of a lot of waste, which of course is very disgusting, it is not a good method at all. To improve it, you can use gloves or dip your hand in plastic. If you are not satisfied with this method, you need to take the gold out of the toilet siphon using a device.

Take out a precious object with a handmade hook

You can make a hook for this yourself. You can do this by using a long wire such as closet hangers that are made of metal. Obtain the metal wire in any way and then flatten it to a length of at least half a meter. Then bend the head with pliers and hook it. Now you have to dig for this gold by dipping this handmade hook into the siphon to find the gold. If you find it, you have to hook it up and pull it out.

Use the drain clamp to extract the gold

If you can not make a hook, it is better to use special tools for this purpose. There is a device on the market that takes things out of the toilet well, which is called a drain clamp. These clamps look like pliers, except that the handle is very long and its length is more than one meter. With this device, objects can be taken out of the toilet.

In this way, you take its handle and insert its clamp into the toilet siphon, and after finding the gold inside the siphon, using the gold clip, you hold it and gently take it out of the toilet. Sewage clamps are a simple and useful tool that solves worrying and unfortunate problems and can be used to easily remove gold and valuables that have fallen into the toilet. If you do not have one of these clamps in Mantal, it is better to buy one of them. You can ask a pipe opener company to buy a sewer clamp.

The above methods are for removing valuables, especially gold, from the toilet well, and if your gold has fallen into the toilet, you can use these methods. If you use these methods, you will no longer need to spend money and you can solve the problem with a little care.

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