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Methods for eradicating small cabinet beetles

The presence of small beetles in the kitchen and cabinets is one of the concerns of housewives. Many people are struggling with this problem and have followed different methods to solve it. In some cases, they have succeeded and have been able to use small beetles to eradicate small cabinet beetles, and in some cases, their beetles have failed against the beetles and no result has been obtained and no change in the number of beetles. The kitchen is not created.

There are several types of beetles, both large and small, and two types of beetles can be found in homes. One is the large bath beetles, which are known as bath beetles and enter the bath through sewer pipes and sewage wells and give birth after spawning. Another is the small kitchen beetles, which often accumulate in the kitchen environment and grow in the same place and in cabinets and different parts of the kitchen.

These small kitchen beetles are also called German beetles or Israeli beetles, and some believe that their breed is German or Israeli. However, these are the two types of beetles that snatch sleep from the eyes of housewives, and in different seasons of the year, especially in summer, their number increases and cause side problems for homes.

How to get rid of bath beetles

Regarding the elimination of beetles in the bath, the use of common methods is sufficient to eliminate the beetles and it has its effect. Methods such as

  • Use beetle sprays for beetles
  • Use beetle paste in beetle gathering places
  • Install a well in the opening of the toilet bowl to prevent beetles from entering
  • Using agricultural pesticides to eradicate beetles
  • Use strainers and laces for shoes

And other methods that can be useful in killing beetles in bathrooms and buildings. Considering that large beetles, ie bath beetles, do not have fungal growth, it seems that the above methods can be used to eliminate them and eradicate them. While the situation of small beetles is not like this and dealing with them requires other methods.

Tiny beetles in the kitchen and cabinets

The small beetles are such that after the first one enters the other kitchen, the work is finished and in the coming days, you will see a large number of them in different parts of the kitchen. This is because these beetles have fungal growth and are born with large numbers of eggs. This means that killing them manually has no effect on the number and some of them can be seen again. That’s why they are also called Israeli beetles. But there must be a way to get rid of them. its definitely true. There are ways to kill small beetle cabinets that will be mentioned in the continuation of your service.

If you are dealing with small cabinets and kitchen beetles, you know that killing them is not an easy task and requires high speed of action. Because a little procrastination causes the target to escape from your target and no longer reach it. How about eradicating them, which can no longer be done so easily. But we suggest a way to get rid of cabinet beetles that you can use to solve your problem. A home way to get rid of small cabinet beetles that is very simple and you can see the effect.

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