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Methods for detecting burst water and sewage pipes(part 2)

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Leak detectors

How to detect the bursting of building pipes?

Change the color of the interior walls of the building

A clear sign of water leakage is dampness on the walls. Water contact with the walls of the building causes moisture to penetrate them and change the color of the walls. If the interior walls of the building are damp, it is well recognizable.

Inflating or scaling the plaster of the wall

When water dampens the walls and comes in contact with the plaster, it causes the plaster to swell or peel. In this case, it can be said with certainty that the wall is damp and this damp may be due to burst pipe.

Loose mosaics and ceramics

Mosaics, tiles and ceramics are built on cement and sand. If water penetrates under them, it will wash them in the long run and their resistance will be lost. In this case, you will see that the mosaic loosens and loosens.

Dandruff and whiteness on the wall or ceiling

In some cases, dampness and dampness in the building causes dandruff or whiteness. There may be several reasons for this, but what is clear is that in many cases the cause is dampness. So take it seriously.

Rust of metal pipes

You know that contact with metals such as iron will cause them to rust. Metal water pipes will also rust if they are in constant contact with the weather. Of course, you may see pipes that rust without any bursts, which may be due to the presence of moisture in the environment.

If you notice any of the above signs, be sure to ask a technician or plumber to check the plumbing condition of the building. Otherwise, you may find after a while that part of your building is damp and is being demolished. Then, with the help of the mentioned signs, periodically check the condition of the building pipes.

Use of leak detectors and explosion detection devices

In some cases, the water leakage from the pipes is so small that it cannot be detected by the eyes and the above symptoms. In this case, special devices for leak detection and burst detection of pipes should be used. These devices are made in such a way that they can detect any moisture and leakage in the pipe even from the depth of the walls.

If you feel that there is a problem in your building or you are worried that the moisture of your building will disappear, it is better to ask the technical service companies to use the leak detector to check the plumbing condition of your building. As one of the companies active in plumbing in Toronto, we assure you that in case of your call, we will be present in the shortest time and solve the problem of bursting and dampness of your building with new and specialized methods.

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