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Methods for detecting burst water and sewage pipes

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Bursting of water and sewage pipes in the building has various causes. But regardless of the causes, it is very important to diagnose it. However, steps must be taken to prevent the pipe from bursting. But at the same time, it is necessary to know the educational points for detecting pipe bursts so that in case of any problem, it can be solved. If you can not detect the burst pipes, you will probably see a large part of the building get wet after a while. So it is better to read this article carefully to learn how to detect burst water and sewage pipes.

As you know, one of the serious problems in buildings is the bursting of pipes and the subsequent dampness of the building. To prevent this from happening, in addition to preventing the pipe from bursting, it is also necessary to know the methods of detecting bursting. In order to prevent the pipe from bursting, it is necessary to observe the construction and plumbing standards when constructing the building and plumbing water and sewage, and to use quality plumbing materials and parts. In this case, the possibility of breakage and bursting in the pipes is greatly reduced. If moisture is created, you must do the dehumidification methods.

How to detect the bursting of building pipes?

Then you need to think of a way to detect burst pipes. There are several ways to do this, which we will mention one by one to help prevent damage to the building and impose heavy costs on its residents. Tube bursting has several symptoms, each of which increases the likelihood of bursting.

Rotate the water meter when the valves are closed

One of the simplest methods and signs to detect burst is the condition of the meter. If you notice that the water meter is spinning and operating even when all the valves in the building are closed, it means that water is coming out of the valves, which is most likely a leak or burst.

Significant difference in the amount of water bill compared to the past

Another issue is the difference between the amount of water bill or the amount of water consumed, and if this amount is significant, there is a possibility of a large burst and leak in the pipes. In this case, the condition of the plumbing should be thoroughly checked.

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