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Introduction of opening pipe, background, differences and similarities

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Plumbing Background

A pipe opener is an operation that we perform when the sewer pipes are clogged to remove the obstacles created in the pipe and open the passage of water and waste.

Supplies and equipment required for opening the pipe

These accessories include the following:

  • A generator device that must be connected to electricity
  • Tube spring in dimensions of 2 meters to 10 meters or more and in different diameters
  • An expert to set up the device and perform the pipe opening steps

The length and diameter of the springs vary depending on the size of the sewer pipe and the type of clogging, such as falling objects or grease, etc.

NUtech Plumbing, with its expert staff and advanced pipe openers, does the job easily for all its customers with 24-hour support a day.

Background of pipe opener

Due to the invention and production of equipment for municipal water and sewage systems and the start of sewage disposal operations from homes and treatment plants, there was always a blockage of pipes, and as a result, there was an urgent need for an opening pipe.

Sewage disposal even existed in ancient civilizations such as ancient Rome and Greece and even the Maya civilization in South America, and along with it, there was an opening pipe.

Open the difference and similarity of the pipe

Sewage piping system in the past was very different from today.

In the past, sewage was directed out of the city by picking cut stones and baked bricks in the form of small and large tunnels, according to the volume of sewage in houses and buildings, and finally the entire sewage of the city.

But today, with the expansion of urbanization, the presence of buildings and large populations in metropolitan areas and the large volume of wastewater, clogging of pipes occurs more and the role of pipe opener companies becomes more colorful.

With the production and use of polyca and polyester pipes, modern and advanced devices were also made and opening pipes with such devices became common in plumbing service in Toronto.

Pipe opening today is done with different devices according to the type of clogging and mainly with generating devices, all sewer pipes are opened.

NUtech Plumbing is also performed with waterjet devices for ego sewage, which is responsible for directing sewage from urban buildings.

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