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Installation and conversion of toilets

Installation and conversion of toilets

Installing a new toilet is much easier than you think. Many people who want to remove their old toilet and replace it with a new one can do so without the help of a handyman or a company which is expert in the field of plumbing in Toronto. But it becomes difficult when you want to convert a traditional toilet into a toilet. First, it is important to know why you need to use the toilet. NUTech Plumbing, while teaching how to install a toilet, also explains the reasons for it

Reasons for using the toilet

There are various reasons for converting a traditional toilet into a toilet, among which, we can refer to all kinds of diseases such as back pain, knee pain, which are actually knee and back arthritis, and old age. Also, diseases such as constipation and intestinal problems can also be an important factor for using the toilet. However, if your house is old, then the toilet must be traditional and therefore you should think about replacing it. In this context, you can trust the pipe opener who has turned hundreds of toilets into traditional toilets.

Removing the old toilet

To remove the old toilet, you must follow the following steps in order.

The first step in replacing the old toilet with a new one

Before you remove it, measure the distance from the wall to the surface of the screws. In standard toilets, this size is 12 inches equal to 30.48 cm. If the new toilet is also 12 inches, you can expect that you have purchased a standard toilet and you can install it without any hassle.
Close the water supply valve. This means that new water does not enter the toilet bowl when you try to flush the toilet.
Hit the siphon until the tank and bowl are empty.

The second stage of placing a new toilet

  1. Put a tight plastic glove on your hands to prevent any harmful bacteria that may be present in the toilet or the surrounding area.
  2. Remove all remaining water in the toilet bowl and toilet bowl. At first, you can use a small cup and then use a heavy sponge to collect excess water. Pour the excess water into a bucket and keep it in a safe place.
  3. Loosen the tank screws (the screws that attach the tank to the bowl).
  4. Open the water pipeline.
  5. Use your feet and lift the bowl out of the bowl. Place it in a suitable place where it is not able to transfer unwanted bacteria. If you are unable to remove the bowl, you can ask a Toronto well draining company for help.
  6. Remove the floor bolt caps and loosen the bolts with an adjustable wrench.
  7. Remove the adhesive from the toilet base by rocking it back and forth. You don’t need to pull it out, but you can open it with a little shake. After the glue is released, remove the old toilet bowl and preferably put it in a place where it will not pollute the environment.
  8. Remove the remaining glue from the floor. Because you want to put a new toilet, you have to prepare its place.
  9. Close the valve with a napkin or other device. This is necessary before installing a new toilet, as it will hold the sewage steam.


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