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How to spring the sewer pipe-part 2

How to spring the sewer pipe-part 2

Last week we published an article under the title “How to spring the stuck pipes?“. Today we want to describe other springing methods for you. This method is one of the most common methods used in the field of plumbing in Toronto.

Springing ways

Pipe opening device

Another method of pipe opening is the use of a special device, which is also called electric or automatic pipe opening. In this case, the spring connected to the lever of the device enters the tube. The force exerted on the spring created under the influence of the settings of the device removes the clogging in the pipes.

Today, by connecting the spring to the drill and using the method of springing the sewer pipe with a drill, the pipes can be fixed quickly and easily. But this method is not as standard as the stated cases and its use entails risks.

The methods of performing sewer springing manually, with a device and another example, that is, sewage springing with a drill, are accompanied by certain principles and steps, which are discussed further.

How to spring the sewer pipe

The method of springing the sewer pipe makes it possible to fix the blockage without damaging the sewer pipe. Springing the pipe, along with the use of air compression devices and chemicals, is one of the most common ways to remove blockages in household sewer pipes.

The steps of springing the sewer pipe can be introduced as follows to get more familiar with this method.

  • At the initial stage, prepare the equipment and the pipe opening spring. Depending on the type of work, manual springing or by machine, this equipment is different.
  • Diagnosing the blockage of the sewer pipe in the yard and other parts of the building, which in most cases is better to be done under the supervision of an expert.
  • After fully knowing how to use a manual spring or a sewer pipe springing device, start working.
  • In manual mode, insert the pipe opener spring in the desired path and remove it after turning and opening the blocked path.
  • Clean the open path of the pipe with suitable detergent.
  • Note that in the method of opening a pipe with a machine or drill, be sure to know the technical method of doing the work.

Springing the sewer pipe with a drill

Springing the sewer pipe with a drill is one of the methods of unclogging the sewer pipe that technical people use in this field to speed up the process of opening the pipe. To implement this method, a short and thick spring is connected to the drill head and then it is rotated in the pipe with the driving force from this device.
The rotation speed of the spring in the method of springing the sewer pipe with a drill is difficult to control, and its use is not recommended for people who are not knowledgeable in this field. In general, although the high speed of removing congestion is very desirable, there is no protection on the hands and other parts of the body when using this method, and therefore it is dangerous.

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