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How to remove clogged pipes with cement, bitumen and construction materials?

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Clogged pipes with cement

Clogged sewer pipes occur in all buildings, so one of the main concerns of building occupants is clogged pipes. During construction, the clogging of pipes is due to the entry of cement, bitumen and construction materials such as plaster, sand, lime, sand and dirt into the pipes. This problem is the main concern of the building owner during construction. Because if such materials enter the pipe, it seems that it is no longer possible to remove the blockage. In this article, we are going to talk about this and tell you whether it is possible to remove the clogging of the pipe with cement and bitumen or not?

Types of pipe clogging

If you are familiar with the field of opening and draining wells, you know that there are different types of pipe clogging and removing clogging can be done in different ways. If we want to say the types of pipe clogs, we must mention a long list of them above. But it is appropriate to mention some of the most common types of tube blockages for you to get acquainted with them.

  • Clogged sink (with leftover food, tea pulp, fruit peel, etc.)
  • Clogged bathroom floor (with soap, hair, paper towels, etc.)
  • Clogged kitchen floor
  • Clogging of the yard or parking lot (with stones, dirt and garbage)
  • Clogging of the roof pipe (entry of stone and soil into it)
    Gutter clogging
  • Clogged toilet well (with waste, paper towels, phone, keys, etc.)
  • Clogged toilet (with the entry of hair and small debris)

This is just a part of the type of sewer pipe blockage, which also varies depending on the type of pipe and its location. In fact, the main cause of clogging is the entry of foreign objects into the pipe, which varies depending on the type and diameter of the pipe and the location of the pipe. For example, clogged bathroom pipes due to their location are often caused by soap, hair and paper towels, while toilet clogging is most often due to the remains of waste or the phone falling into the siphon.

A variety of methods to remove clogged pipes

Now that you are familiar with the types of pipe clogs, it is better to become more familiar with the methods of opening it. In general, there are several ways to remove clogged sewer pipes. As much as there is a sewer blockage, there is also a way to remove the blockage. So in this case too, we will mention only some of the common methods of opening the pipe for you. Of course, we will postpone this issue to next week.

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