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How to Determine Leakage in Your Plumbing

How to Determine Leakage in Your Plumbing

One of the most common problems with plumbing that occurs around the house is leakage. Not only is it messy and dirty, it is also quite hard to troubleshoot once you find the source. In this article some tips are given as to the places or conditions that you have to look out for and when you would need to seek a professional. So, stay with us as we go through each tip.


Water can ruin so fast, so silently. You might wake up one day to an almost damaged ceiling or wall. Whether you live in an apartment or alone, the plumbing system as a whole has an impact on your unit. You do have a say in your neighbor’s leakage if it is ruining your ceiling. This means that the first step is to identify the source. Is this water coming from an external source, or is there something wrong with your own plumbing system? If you want to, you can consult the neighbor that you are suspicious towards based on the direction of the leakage and ask them to look for signs with you.


Sometimes the problem is internal, yet we think the source is somewhere outside since no sign can be found as to its coming from our own plumbing. In such cases, hire a plumbing service in Toronto, so that you are assured that everything is taken care of.

However, beforehand, you might want to know what the problem exactly is. Therefore, it is advised to look for different signs. For example, is the water bill getting higher? Are you hearing water dripping around the house despite the fact that there is no faucet running?


You can also listen to the noises around the kitchen or the bathroom that sinks and toilets are installed. If you live in an apartment this is a much harder task because there are many parties involved. Do you hear water running in the pipes long after the dishes are done? The same goes with the flush and the sink in the bathroom in irregular hours and when they haven’t been used in a few hours. This is one important denominator since the drainage is slowed down in the case of leakage.

If you live in an apartment, it is not a bad idea to ask your superintendent for help before hiring a professional service. Sometimes, the problem might be minor and need no particular care. However, in more serious cases especially when the source of the issue gets more and more unidentifiable, it is best advised to consult a professional service.

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