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How do you become a plumber and where do you start?

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Plumbing, if done professionally can turn into a very successful business, though it takes lots of time and effort in order to get to this place. Like any other job, this one is also filled with lots of skill training and apprenticeship before you can claim to be an amateur plumber, let alone starting your own professional service.


Many people mistake technical professions that require manual work as needless from education or jobs for those who lack a degree. This is certainly not the case and the more information you have in all other fields, the more you will be able to make it through as a plumber.


First, consider reading and studying alongside your education articles online or books about plumbing, the skills needed and its pros and cons. One area that you need to seriously question yourself on is whether or not you are technical enough, or are interested in works demanding manual work in general. If you are interested, this can open the door to lots of opportunities and possibilities.

Find a plumbing service

Second, find a local plumbing service in Toronto and ask them if they would be willing to accept you as their apprentice or allow you to witness a few services that they attend if that is possible for them. Another option that you can simultaneously pursue is enrolling in courses about plumbing. There are a lot of classes and online tutorials that you can find online and start practicing with. What you can do in the preliminary stages is definitely to start gathering as much information as possible and just work with what you have. You might lack the necessary skills at first, but if you are enthusiastic enough, passion will get you through this step and you will achieve what many talented people have without effort, harder but more consistently. When you feel ready, there are tests you can take that will give you a plumbing license if you are capable enough. You have to know the technical skills needed to a certain degree before taking the tests, so before jumping to this step complete the previous tasks and only take the exam when you feel ready enough. Of course, the practical element is so important to this career that you have to come ready to the table. Be prepared and this can be a career for you with complete potential. Follow our weekly content for more tips.

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