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Homemade method of killing tiny beetles

To get rid of beetles, some people think that using a house beetle is effective. The home method of exterminating beetles requires home-made and natural materials with which our strong beetle killer is present. All you need to make a beetle is an onion and a tablespoon of baking soda. Produce strong and effective beetles at home with just these two ingredients.

But as for how to prepare beetle repellent, it should be said that first chop the onion well and then mix baking soda with it and put the result in the desired spot. This causes the small and large kitchen beetles to come out of their nests and run away. Of course, we do not approve or reject this method, and you can try it for yourself and see the result.

Methods of destroying small kitchen beetles

To solve the problem of beetles in the house, you should follow the tips to get rid of beetles. These tips include:

  • Cleaning the kitchen and not leaving garbage in the sink and different parts of the kitchen
  • Dry the sink and clean its water before going to bed
  • Use of effective household beetles
  • Use of insecticides and beetle paste
  • Using strong solutions of beetles and insecticides in the kitchen
  • Destroy beetles with strong agricultural pesticides
  • Close the doors of sewer pipes and use the net in the windows
  • Drop the lizard in the environment! (To eat beetles)

Each of these points is extremely important and it is necessary to pay enough attention to all of them to see the right result. If the above are well observed, there will be no reason for the beetles to survive. Beetles survive if there is space for them to live. If you clean the area from dirt and moisture and then with a general spray, remove the remaining beetles. There is no environment for reproduction and no beetles left to do so.

Eradicate small beetles using agricultural pesticides

Regarding the elimination of small beetles, in some cases, the use of beetle paste has been effective and the desired result has been observed. You can use beetle paste to kill German beetles. Otherwise, the beetle killer solution can be tested. Because in many cases we have seen the destruction of bath beetles with this method. The last method is to use agricultural pesticide, which is the best method and is the strongest beetle.

Using a glass cleaner spray, spray the desired poison on different parts of the building, ie bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, cabinets, basements, bathrooms, greenhouses, etc., to kill beetles and other toilet insects, and you are a carcass. See them one by one in different parts of the building. This method is approved and tested and will be 100% effective.

You should note that in addition to spraying and observing the general points, it is necessary to prevent beetles from entering the building. Many homes do not have beetles from the beginning, but the entry of a beetle from outside and spawning in the environment has caused the whole house to be filled with beetles. So if a beetle had been prevented from entering, the inhabitants would certainly not have had this problem.

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