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Fixing the sound of vibration and rattling of the water pipe

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Fixing the sound of vibration and rattling of the water pipe

What is the vibration inside the water pipe? Do you hear a rattling or strange sound from the water pipe when you close the faucet? Here we have explained the cause of this noise and how to fix it.

Do you always hear a rattling sound when you flush the toilet, shower, or use the faucet?

In addition to the sound of the water pipe being annoying and a nuisance, this incident can damage your water piping and reduce the life of the pipe and its connections!

Let’s examine why this happens and how you can fix it. If you can’t fix it yourself, it’s better to call a company which is expert in the field of plumbing in Richmond Hill.

What is the cause of the sound of the water pipe?

To better understand “water hammer” and the reason for the sound of water pipes, it is better to use an example about a train.

Well think about the movement of the train, it is moving at full speed and suddenly a boulder falls on the track and the train hits it with all its force. And this event causes each train car to hit the car in front of it and cause a strong vibration.

This is similar to what happens inside a water pipe, but on a much smaller scale!

When you open the faucet, the water flows through the pipe at full speed, but when you suddenly close the faucet, you cause the water to collide with the faucet, and something similar to train cars happens.

This causes the sound of the water pipe to vibrate and sometimes makes the pipe act like a hammer against the wall and hit it with a lot of pressure.

How to eliminate the sound inside the water pipe?

Fixing the sound of water rattling or its vibration depends on the time and method of building your building.

If your house is old:

In the old buildings, inhibitors were used, which prevented the impact of shock and hammer like water by compressing the air. But the installation of this device did not have much effect because the vibration starts from the faucet and spreads to all parts of the water piping.

In addition, there is another type of connection that acts as a sound insulation of the water pipe and is similar to “T”. This device also works with air pressure, but some of the T-shaped connection space is filled with water and makes its function ineffective.

But in new houses, the best method is to use the following inhibitor connection.

A simple solution to fix the noise of the water pipe

With the progress of science, a type of connection as a water hammer impact inhibitor has been produced by domestic and foreign companies that you can use.

Unlike the T-shaped connection, this device does not have a chamber where water can collect. For this reason, it has a very good performance and can restrain the impact of water hammer. This function is due to a piston that is sealed with an O-ring and prevents direct contact of water with air.

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