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Familiarity with restaurant sewage grease traps

One of the equipments related to the sewerage network and sewage piping of buildings is degreaser, which is installed with the aim of collecting fats in the sewage. Sewage degreaser is a device that is commonly used in restaurants and complexes that have greasy wastewater to separate the fat before the wastewater enters the municipal sewage network. This device is used for plumbing in Toronto.

What is a fat burner?

The degreaser is a large reservoir into which the collection wastewater first enters and during a process the fats are separated and the rest of the wastewater is removed and enters the municipal sewage network. The method of degreasing is also very simple in that the sewage entering it loses its speed and reaches a standstill. In this case, the lower density fats are suspended on the surface of the water and remain there. Then the rest of the sewage comes out from the bottom of the tank. During this simple process, the oils remain at the surface of the water inside the tank and the non-fat wastewater is removed from the tank.

One of the pollutants in wastewater is the oil and fat industry, which is observed in their effluent. In some cases, the concentration of these pollutants is so high that it is necessary to purify the desired set of fats in wastewater to prevent them from entering Prevent inside the network or sewer. The simplest and cheapest way to remove grease from sewage is to use a grease trap, which some call the gravity method.

The need to use a grease trap in restaurants and kitchens
As mentioned, degreaser is a device that is used to collect fats in wastewater. It is commonly used in kitchens, restaurants and eateries. For further explanation, it should be said that buildings whose wastewater production has a large volume of oil and fat and tend to use the municipal sewage network, it is necessary to use a degreaser before discharging the sewage into the network. In this way, the fat in their wastewater is collected and does not enter the wastewater network. The reason is that the entry of large volumes of fat into the network causes the wastewater treatment operation to be disrupted, and therefore industrial kitchens must use degreasers so that their wastewater grease does not enter the network.

Benefits of using wastewater degreaser

There are many benefits to using a fat burner, which is why many food outlets and restaurants use it. Some of these benefits include:

  • Prevent grease from entering the sewer and treatment plant
  • Prevention of damage to sewage network equipment and treatment plant
  • Prevent rapid filling of sewage wells
  • Prevent environmental pollution and surface water
  • Easy and trouble-free wastewater treatment
  • Reducing the pollution load of the produced wastewater
  • Prevent clogging of sewer pipes
  • No need to open pipes and remove clogged pipes
  • Improving the wastewater treatment process in the treatment plant

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