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Familiarity with municipal wastewater collection network-part 2

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We’ve talked about human waste in recent weeks. Today we want to look at another type of sewage, which is called industrial wastewater.

Types of sewage

Industrial wastewater

Industrial wastewater is called industrial wastewater, which usually contains industrial materials, chemicals, heavy metals, etc. can not be left in sewage wells and can not be treated in urban treatment plants. This type of wastewater can not be released into nature due to substances harmful to nature, and therefore they must be treated before release.

Factories usually collect their industrial wastewater in places called septic tanks and use small treatment plants to treat the excess material inside and produce safe water. The treated wastewater is either used as water in the same place or released into nature.

Sewage disposal in sewage wells

In the past, sewage wells were used to dispose of sewage, and sewage from houses and buildings was collected and disposed of inside. In this way, a sewage well was dug under each building and the sewage was transferred to the sewage well from the inlet points such as sink, toilet siphon and floors by sewage pipes and was discharged into the well. Sewage wells were the place of discharge and collection of building wastewater, which were filled after a while and also needed to be drained.

In that case, one of the companies should be asked to open the pipe and drain the well to suck and drain the sewage inside the well by tanker. Sewage wells also meant the disposal of sewage in nature, and therefore a large volume of sewage was left in the nature of cities, which polluted the environment and groundwater. Another problem of sewage wells was the possibility of their collapse and destruction, which in case of obsolescence and the need to renovate and strengthen them. Also, poor soil type and well depth are among the important issues in digging sewage wells.

Although used in many cases of sewage wells, it must be said that these types of wells have serious and irreparable dangers to nature. The reason for the structure of these wells is that sewage enters them with a lot of pollution and is absorbed by the ground. These pollutants penetrate into the earth and as a result pollute groundwater and nature. Of course, this is not the whole story, and some profiteers discharge sewage from wells into rivers for the convenience of their work, which causes more damage.

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