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Familiarity with different types of sewer pipes-part 2

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Sewer Pipes

Last week we explained about sewer pipes. Today we want to examine different types of it together.

Types of sewer pipes

Plastic or PVC sewer pipe

The most common sewer pipes that exist in all buildings and houses and the sewer system of buildings is created using it is plastic sewer pipe or PVC, which is the most widely used type of sewer pipes. The reason for its popularity and its widespread use is its anti-corrosion properties. This means that the material of these pipes is such that they are safe against corrosion and decay and they can be used for several decades without causing any problems. Also, these pipes are light and very light. The problem with these pipes is the heat, which because they are made of plastic, easily changes shape and disappear in the face of heat. Despite all this, these pipes are still the most common type of sewer pipes.

The only thing that can damage the PVC sewer pipes is the chemical solution of the opening pipe, which due to its acidic nature, rots these pipes and causes corrosion in them. For this reason, it is a little difficult for pipe openers to remove clogged pipes in the field of plumbing in Toronto. Because you can not use the solutions of the opening tube in them and to open them, you must use other methods of the opening tube, such as the opening tube spring and the air compression device. Home methods of opening the tube can also be used.

Cast iron and steel sewer pipes

There are two types of metal sewer pipes, one made of cast iron and the other made of steel, which are used in sewer piping. Cast iron sewer pipe is highly durable because cast iron is very strong and durable and has high quality and can withstand high pressure and heat. The problem with these pipes is their heavy weight. Also, because these pipes come in contact with water and sewage, they may rot and rust.

Regarding steel sewer pipes, it should be said that unlike cast iron pipes, they have the lowest weight and their installation is easy. They are also very resistant to corrosion and rot. However, these two types of metal pipes, although they have characteristics, but plastic pipes are still the least popular. Of course, the opening pipe of this type of pipe is easier because their strength makes the work of the opening pipe easier and it is possible to use all methods to remove the clogged pipes.

Cement and concrete sewer pipes

There are two types of sewer pipes made of cement, one is pure cement and the other is made of concrete. These pipes are usually used for large purposes. For example, to transfer municipal wastewater to treatment plants, high-diameter concrete pipes are used, which have both good strength and lower cost than metal and plastic. The lifespan of these pipes is also very long and it is possible to use them for several decades. Of course, as mentioned, this type of pipe is not used in buildings. Due to their large diameter, these types of pipes do not clog at all and do not need an opening pipe. This case can also be considered as one of the main features of cement and concrete pipes.

The main feature of these pipes is resistance to heat, chemicals and acids, chemical reactions, corrosion, high pressure, high weight of sewage, etc., which has made these pipes a suitable pipe for municipal sewage networks. . Concrete sewer pipes seem to be the best type of pipes in large applications. These pipes are made so that their inner surface is smooth and sewage and hard materials do not stick to the wall and the transfer of sewage is faster.

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