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Falling soap in the toilet well – the method of removing soap from Iranian and foreign toilets

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Falling soap in the toilet well - the method of removing soap from Iranian and foreign toilets

Soap falling into the sink, soap falling into the toilet is usually one of the most common problems that cause the toilet to clog. Here we have taught the methods by which you can open the toilet drain yourself at home.

Soap falling down the toilet drain is one of the problems that almost everyone in Toronto faces and some of these people can solve their problem but others can’t.

This problem occurs because the soap is slippery. Sometimes when putting soap in the soap dispenser, it slips and falls into the toilet. And sometimes it happens because you put the soap on the edge of the sink.

The good news is that today we are going to provide training for people who cannot solve the problem of soap falling in the toilet and oven by themselves.

4 ways to solve the problem of soap falling in the sink

With these 4 methods, you can solve your problem and remove the soap from the toilet well. It is better to observe safety and health tips first of all.

  • Wearing gloves
  • Checking the height of the sewer pipe in Iranian toilets
  • Avoid pouring boiling water directly on the bowl

1- Pour boiling water to dissolve the soap

For this, first prepare a kettle of boiling water. As mentioned, try not to pour boiling water over the bowl to dissolve the soap, as it may break and crack.

Also, you should pour the boiling water slowly into the sewer pipe so that the boiling water does not spill on your body.

By doing this, it may take time for the soap to dissolve after the soap falls into the sink, or you may need to repeat this several times.

In some cases, because the soap is large or not of good quality, it may take days for boiling water to dissolve it.

In such a situation, it is better to use the services of a reliable company that is skilled in the field of plumbing in Richmond Hill. Our servicemen have special tools that easily remove objects from the toilet.

2- Suctioning the soap with a vacuum cleaner

If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, prepare it quickly and try to pull the soap out of the sink using the suction of the device.

Sometimes, if the height of the pipe is high or if the soap has missed the siphon and is stuck in the elbow of the pipe, it is very difficult to pull it out with a vacuum cleaner.

Be sure to note that the vacuum cleaner must be of a better type so that no problem occurs.

Do not use a regular vacuum cleaner for this purpose.

3- Using the best soap solvent

After the soap falls into the sink, you can use the soap solvent.

There are very few soap solvents in the market and many people quickly think of using acid.

If you ask the opinion of pipe service experts, in our opinion, acid should not be used to unclog the toilet pipe at all. Because acid has one good thing and dozens of bad things, one of which is destroying pipe connections and glue, which will cause sewage leakage.

Soap solvents also have acidic compounds. Therefore, you can use the combination of white vinegar and baking soda and try it.

In many cases it works and fixes the problem.

4- Using hands to remove soap from the toilet well

This method only works when the height of the Iranian toilet pipe is low or the soap is stuck at the beginning of the toilet siphon.

After facing the problem of soap falling into the sink, it is better to wear gloves to perform this procedure.

Then slowly move your hand into the drain to reach the soap and finally pull it out.

After removing the soap from the toilet, it is better to pour some warm water (not boiling water) into the pipe to wash the pipe.

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