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Eliminate grease deposited in the dishwasher sewer pipe(part 2)

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If the oil volume is high, do not pour it into the sink pipe in any way. Also, use dishwashing liquid and detergent to wash greasy dishes to avoid clogging the pipe. Otherwise, you will probably clog the sink and you will need to open the pipe.

Prevent oil from entering the sewer pipe

Then it is time to wash the dishes. Excess food oils can be drained elsewhere and not spilled into the sewer pipe. But what to do with oily dishes? To wash these dishes, be sure to use dishwashing liquid so that the oils inside are washed well and drained into the pipe along with the foam and dishwashing liquid to prevent sticking into the pipes. The dishwashing liquid used must also be of good quality and be able to wash the oils well. Some dishwashing liquids are only suitable for washing non-greasy dishes and will not be able to wash if there is oil inside the dish. So it is better to use a strong dishwashing liquid. If you pay attention to TV commercials, you are probably familiar with Peril and Dorto dishwashing liquid!

The use of strong dishwashing liquid, in addition to washing dishes well and removing oil, also prevents oil from remaining in the pipes. Strong dishwashing liquid is non-greasy and causes fats to be washed away and not stay in place. This property is useful in preventing oil deposition inside the dishwasher.

Use boiling water to remove clogged dishes

If oil and fat is spilled into the pipe in any way, do not let it remain the same. Because in this case, after a few hours, your sewer pipe will definitely take over, and this is a must. Because the entry of a large volume of oil into the pipe will cause a definite blockage. It is necessary to mix some dishwashing liquid with water and pour it into the dishwasher tube to wash the oils well. Then pour some hot water into the sink pipe to wash the remaining oils from the drain pipe.

Home Remedies for Dishwasher Clogging

In any case, if you do not succeed in preventing the clogging of the sewer pipe, you will have to follow the clogging tips. There are methods that eliminate clogging of the dishwasher sewer pipe, which are divided into two types, home and professional. Home Remedies for Tubes are methods you can do at home. Simple yet useful methods that have been developed for housewives.

For example, one of the methods is to use boiling water and dishwashing liquid, which can be poured into a sewer pipe can be very useful. Boiling water has a detergent property and is very useful for washing oily dishes. Using it to remove clogged pipes and remove oil and grease inside the sink drain pipe works very well.

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